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Beyond Ikea – Taking Scandinavian Design to a Whole New Level

If you are the type that derives great pleasure perusing the rooms designs in Ikea, maybe it is time to revamp your home with some of those pleasure-producing elements. No design style epitomizes the meaning of the saying “less is more” to a greater degree than Scandinavian design. According to Wikopedia, the thought behind it is that those with a tighter budget should enjoy the same functional design elements as the wealthy. Scandinavian design works with you and your family’s practical needs while instilling a simplistically stylish ambiance throughout the home. So get ready to explore your functional needs and transform your home setting into your very own “Ikea”.

The materials most often found in Scandinavian design include but are not limited to plastics, wood and steel. If you begin with the smallest room of the house, such as the bathroom, you can already incorporate a few functional items to set off the look we want to achieve. An aluminum trash receptacle is a stylish addition, along with soap dish, toothbrush holder and rinse cup. To take the design up a notch, a glass and metal tile bathroom backsplash would be a perfect tie-in. Tiles are easy to install and depending on the size of your backsplash, they should help you stay within your budget. Opt for a bright and bold shower curtain or if you have decided to accent your bathroom walls with a glass or metal tile liner, consider a solid color curtain to maintain a sense of simplicity. Once you have completed the bathroom, you will have a better idea of how to work with the typical Scandinavian elements to complete the other rooms in your home.

Your kitchen is an area that is an all likelihood a busy place where you or your loved ones may spend a good percentage of time preparing and enjoying family meals. Assess your current countertops, kitchen backsplash and flooring. Common Scandinavian flooring consists of wooden planks, more often in a lighter tone. If that doesn’t seem practical for such a well-traveled room as the kitchen, then white or beige tiles will suffice. As for your kitchen backsplash, a glass tile backsplash that includes a metal or stone accent will provide the touch of Scandinavian design without re-doing your entire kitchen. If your budget does allow for more changes, swap your outdated countertops for a subtle earth-tone marble or granite. Remember, less is more and just a few changes will set off the look you desire.

For the main rooms, such as the living room and den, be aware of any clutter that may be found on shelves or in a breakfront. Scandinavian design projects a clean, crisp and fresh atmosphere which is killed by clutter. Stick to the focus of functionality. A simple but stylish sofa, recliner and loveseat will be best in neutral tones, but if you wish to add a kick of vibrant color, that is also in tune with Scandinavian design, albeit from a later period in the 40’s and 60’s. Choose one or two rugs to add warmth, and keep shelves free of more than one or two eye-catching elements. If you have a fireplace, this is a great opportunity to accentuate it with metal tiles for a truly modern touch. Scandinavians are keen on light and merging their living space with nature. If your room adjoins the backyard through a sliding glass door, terrific, but if not, a skylight may be something to aspire to.

Finally, for the bedrooms, keep in mind to incorporate simplicity and functionality. Get creative and take the ideas from above to design the sleep space that best suits your needs.

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