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3D Floor Tiles for Unique Design Experience

3D Floor Tiles for Unique Design Experience

Tridimensional tiles are on the rise, offered in a great variety of designs by many manufacturers. Some of them add volume through patterns, while others focus on unparalleled relief surfaces. Anyway, today’s interior designers adore 3D tiles for their ability to drastically change spaces, making them really unique and bold. And though 3d floor tiles are somewhat limited in choice compared to wall designs, we have picked a couple of great ideas for your unique design experience.


ocean design

Do you think this is a kind of Photoshop effect? No, this is a great example of awesome design involving 3d floor tiles for bedroom – the flooring is made of tiles featuring angled photos covered with multiple transparent layers to create an astonishingly realistic look. Yes, it is quite a bold choice and, frankly speaking, very pricey, but it is just perfect for achieving the desired Wow effect.

By choosing a proper print, you will be able to create relaxing or active scenery to fit the purpose of different premises in your home. And if you find this wall-to-wall design too expressive, you can limit the 3d floor tiles application to a focal point in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, like it is shown in the image below.

bathroom 3d design


geometric pattern

Geometric patterns can create amazing tridimensional effects, even when the tiles are perfectly smooth and no bright prints are involved. Though styled in dimmed shades, they add a stunning depth and vibe to spaces and don’t require any other designer tricks to make the premises pop up.

However, there are certain stylistic limitations to their application, since geometric patterns work fine with industrial, contemporary or eclectic designs, but they are ruled out for classic and country styles. Also, you need to note that this pattern requires rather large spaces to show to advantage, and thus it hits the mark when applied in spacious halls and living rooms, rather than in a tiny bedroom. Nevertheless, if you happen to stumble across a product with a small-scale pattern, it makes sense to use these 3d floor tiles for bathroom or kitchen.

geometric design for bathroom


basket weave design

What a wonderful basketwork delivered through 3d floor tiles for kitchen or living room! It is a great way to make a statement with your flooring, especially when you have enough space to show the pattern in all its glory. It is still active and volume-adding, yet more traditional and thus universal than the above-mentioned pattern. Depending on the scale and color scheme you chose, the basket weave tiles can be applied in various projects, blending in with multiple styles including classics.

basket weave tiles in bathroom

Moreover, the pattern can be adapted to serve as a nice focal point or for zoning purposes – you only need to choose tiles with a distinctive design in order to get this desirable tridimensional effect.

classical bathroom design


woody effects

Are these tiles really floating over each other or is it only a trick of the eye? Indeed, this flooring looks three-dimensional and unique – the incredible effect is created by an intricate woody shades transition. The tiles with darker hues sit side by side with lighter tones, thus giving the impression that they laid overlapped.

It is not that difficult to implement such an idea into your flooring project when taking into account that wood-look tile is one of the most popular trends for 2018 (you can learn more about tile flooring trends here). Many options are offered by manufacturers in both ceramic and vinyl designs, combining lighter and darker timber grains in one collection. And this certainly adds some relief to flooring, making it look pretty much tridimensional like it is shown below.


Well, 3D flooring can look really gorgeous, though it is three-dimensional to the eye, yet not to the touch. For obvious reasons, wall design provides more opportunities for creating sculptured surfaces, and now we are going to share some nice ideas.


honeycomb pattern design

The honeycomb pattern is in vogue, and this is a good reason for borrowing it for your project. It is out of the ordinary and mixes well with many styles, so it is easy to blend it in your existing interior design. But what could be better than combining two hot ideas within one project? With these 3D hexagon tiles, you can create a striking feature wall in your bathroom, hall, living room or bedroom. You don’t even need to trick with colors since the design looks great in a monochrome version. But when you want to play with color, you can add some in a very creative way.

Again, there is no need to stick to rather predictable top-to-bottom design – think differently and add some texture to your space through tiling only a part of the wall with these stylish hexs.

hex design in bathroom


metallic tiles

Metallic tiles are in style and tridimensional design is highly-demanded, so what can we expect from mixing the two together? Nothing, but sheer aesthetic enjoyment and much of envy from those who missed the idea. These metallic hues add glamour to the project, filling the space with intriguing shimmering and enhancing a playful game of light and shadow on the sculptured surface of the tiles. Besides, this shine softens the rugged pattern of the tiles, so that it doesn’t look inelegant. You may rest assured that this combination can transform any premise, however, dull it may be.

tridimensional design


wave tile pattern

Wavy 3D tiles seem to be the most popular for its relaxing feel that goes well with many spaces from bathrooms to bedrooms, from home application to commercial interiors. Probably, for this reason, they usually come in soothing shades of white, beige or gray. Frankly speaking, with this full-wall design you don’t need any bold colors since the textured surface is eye-catching enough to win plaudits. And sure, this wavy design is a must for those, who love beachy looks – what can remind of the sea better than waves?!

wave design in living room

If you are interested in more ideas for your tridimensional project, watch the video, illustrating current Italian trends in tiling.

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