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Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis
Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis

Mirror Series

Mirror Series

When choosing tiles, it's important that you know all the options available. Tile is more than just a durable surface choice; it also plays a critical design role in the finished look of the room. Mirror glass tiles, which are typically used on wall projects in the kitchen and bathroom, can add color and increase the light in a room.

Know Your Mirrored Tile Types

Mirror glass tiles come in a variety of styles. You can select one or combine different types to create accents or mosaics on your tiling project. Surface styles include:

Beveled or bordered tiles. These mirror tiles usually have a smooth surface, but the edges have either a beveled or textured design that makes each individual tile pop.

Design Inspiration

The aesthetics of the design plays only one part in the type of mirror tile you choose. It's also important to consider where you are installing the tile.

In the kitchen: Mirror tiles can add a bold statement to a backsplash. You can create an expanse of single color mirror tiles, which reflect light and help open up the room. For a more understated touch, incorporate mirror tiles with standard tiles as accent pieces or to create a mosaic effect. 

In the bathroom: Just like the kitchen, mirror tiles in the bathroom reflect light and open up the space, which can be especially useful in a small bathroom. Use them behind the sink or to tile in a tub or shower surround. If a wall of mirrors seems overwhelming, use mirrors in a mosaic design or to create decorative borders inside a standard tiled surface.

On the floor: Mirror tiles aren't generally used to tile an entire floor, but they can provide an eye-catching decorative border around the perimeter of the room.

Basic Care Considerations

Glass is impervious to water, so it resists staining and moisture damage. In the kitchen, you won't have to worry about food or grease stains – the residue from cooking quickly wipes off. You can wipe it clean with a basic glass and tile cleaner to keep it streak-free.

Overall, glass mirror tiles are both durable and low-maintenance. Whether you want to make a bold statement or just use them as an accent piece, they can add a luxurious touch to an otherwise basic tile design.

Other than their beauty and ability to reflect light, mirror glass tiles are popular choices in kitchens and bathrooms because they are easy to clean. If you worry about water spots, the textured tiles are a better bet because light spotting or streak.

Browse through an expansive collection of glass and acrylic mirror tiles when you visit Oasis Tile!

We provide many pre-cut sizes, but we can also do made-to-measure tiles. Explore our collection of luxurious mirror tiles and choose the size, shade, and quantity you desire. Then simply place the order!

Buying Beautiful Mirror Tiles Locally Has Never Been so Easy!

The standard tile is, obviously, square or rectangular, and it usually includes a beveled edge; some don’t, however. Mirror tiles are excellent if you want light and extra space to be brought into your kitchen or bathroom.

The best part about buying mirror tiles from us is that installation is easy. And once they’re in, maintaining these tiles is simple. Mirror tiles are preferred by homeowners who enjoy luxury and elegance, and such is why you’ll always find these in expensive homes.

The high-quality reflections created by mirror tiles cannot be easily replicated, no matter how hard one tries. With various colors and sizes available, finding the right tiles for your project has never been easier. We have everything you’ll need: modern mirror tiles, old fashioned glass tiles, bronze mirror tiles, glossy tiles, frosted mirror tiles, and polished tiles. When you want to get the best mirror tiles being sold online for affordable prices, visit Oasis Tile.

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