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Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles
  • Atlantis Leaf Blue Glossy and Iridescent Glass Tile
    / per sheet

    Atlantis Leaf Blue Glossy and Iridescent Glass Tile

    This blue iridescent tile hits the eye immediately by its unusual mosaic pattern instead of by the size. The unique blue mosaic tile's shape form ...

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  • Teal Green 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile
    / sq.ft.

    Teal Green 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile

    These teal green subway tiles are a rich shade of blue and green that takes the heart of a clear, glassy ocean to your home. It€„¢...

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  • Silver Mirror 1" x 1" Glass Tile
    Sold out
    / per sheet

    Silver Mirror 1" x 1" Glass Tile

    Composed from small square pieces this glossy silver square mosaic tile functions as an impressive illustration of trendy style and design within a...

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The kitchen is the hub of a home, and should be a comfortable focal point and happy place to hang. Gone are the days of cookie cutter kitchens, and tile art on the walls, counters, ceilings, and floors is the perfect way to make the kitchen exclusively yours. Whether you are looking for classic and timeless or hip and to the minute, Glass Tile Oasis has the tiles for you to express yourself creatively.

Tile Floors: As the most used room in the home, kitchen floors tend to take a beating. It is important to choose something that is as practical as it is pretty, and can stand up to foot traffic, scooting chairs, and the high work environment.

Ceramic tiles, lauded for their versatility and function, are an ever popular flooring choice. Available in an almost infinite combination of colors, sizes, and finishes, ceramic tiles are strong and exceedingly easy to clean, making it the obvious go to tile for the kitchen. Whether you elect to keep things clean cut and straight, make it pop with a pattern, or go a little wild with an eye catching mosaic, you can’t go wrong with ceramic.

(Need a little more info-would they recommend other tiles as kitchen flooring?)

Backsplashes: The backsplash is an essential component of the kitchen and you need to decide how you would like it to work with the elements and materials that make up the kitchen. The backsplash can be used to tie everything together and keep things cohesive, or as a contrast and a bold pop of color in an otherwise neutral setting. Whether you decide to go big and bold or soft and subtle you can always keep things visually interesting with a blend of different textures and finishes, patterns, and diagonal designs.

Things to consider when choosing kitchen tiles:

Color-kitchen tiles do get dirty, so you will want to choose something that will mask the dirt. White may be pristine, but it may show more than you may care for. Blends and mosaics are a particularly user friendly choice in the kitchen.

Size-small tiles have an understated elegance that can really dress up a space, but it is important to remember, that the smaller the tile, the more grout, making it more difficult to clean. Larger tiles are also more evergreen and universal although considerably less trendy.


Glass Tiles: add a gorgeous iridescent gleam to a space and are exceedingly easy to clean and maintain. They are also easily recycled and Eco friendly, a style and environmental win.

Ceramic Tiles: are hardworking and low maintenance, and will work well in a variety of kitchens and styles.

Stainless Steel Tiles-blend sleek and efficient with modern and masculine, and give the kitchen a bold edge. Without any grout, cleaning is a breeze-the tile of choice for a bachelor pad.

Natural Stone Tiles: are unsurpassed in terms of durability, and its neutral hues will lend warmth to the room. Because of the natural blend of colors, stone will do an excellent job of concealing dirt.

Pebble Tiles: introduce a bit of rustic to the most used room of the house. Pebble is the perfect something special to include as an accent or trim

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