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Inverted Bevel Series

Inverted Bevel Series

Using subway tiles in the interior is the ultimate designer solution. Regardless of time and designer trends, subway tiles have always enjoyed immense popularity and found application in any type of domestic premises, from compact urban apartments to enormous mansions. It is safe to say that subway tiles are among the most beloved decoration elements of all time.

The history of these tiles goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when two American designers, George C. Heins and Chris La Farge, made these tiles specifically for the newly built subway in the city of New York. That is how these popular tiles got their name. Despite their seeming simplicity, subway tiles can become the basis for the most extraordinary patterns and serve as an embellishment to any residential space.

The Inverted Bevel Series represent the peculiar variation of the classic subway tiles. Firstly, there are made of the finest glossy glass in the world. Using glossy glass in your interior design may have a lot of benefits, from the simplicity in maintenance to the trademark dim radiance which comes from these tiles when they are properly placed on the wall.

Secondly, the tiles from the Inverted Bevel Series have the metallic coating which makes them perfect for the industrial style which is hugely popular among the contemporary interior designers. If you own a loft in a big city like New York or London and you want it to be consistent with the spirit of this megalopolis, you should undoubtedly go with the Inverted Bevel Series. Nothing will make your apartment look more urbanistic and ultra-modern than these tiles.

Lastly, these subway tiles have a twist in their design which is indicated by their very name. The protruding part of some of these tiles is turned inward which creates a new dimensional look of the tile layout. This designer solution is both sophisticated and elegant. You can be absolutely sure that these tiles will never go unnoticed by the guests.

Our subway tiles of the Inverted Bevel Series come in the variety of colors and sizes. Given that the price per sheet of these tiles starts from only $15, they will become the perfect solution even for those who plan to decorate on the low to medium budget.

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