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Upgrade Your Home Office with Tile

Upgrade Your Home Office with Tile

With more and more people working remotely these days, home office makeovers have been on the rise. If you want your home office to give off a new vibe, consider adding ceramic or porcelain tile. Tile will create an efficient and comfortable workspace in your home.

Tile is Easy to Maintain

Whether your workspace doubles as living space plus office space or you have a room of your own, tile flooring is a must-have. Tile flooring is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in many colors and designs.

Ceramic tile is easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth. If something happens to get spilled on your floor, just wipe the area down and you are good to go. Since you don’t have to focus on cleaning, vacuuming, or shampooing your floors, it means you will be more efficient and get your work done faster at home.

If you still want the feel of carpet without the commitment, choose an area rug to put on top of your tile. The rug adds an interesting design element while keeping the tile clean. If you have kids or pets who track in mud, the ceramic tile might be easier to clean than an area rug. However, it just depends on how much dirt is tracked through your home on a daily basis.

Allergy-Friendly Option

If you are one of the 50 million people who suffer from allergies, tile is the perfect option. Tile is resistant to common allergens, such as dust mites. Even if dust mites do happen to get on your floor, they are easily wiped away with a soft cloth. Dust mites and other allergens tend to get trapped in the carpet, which is why tile is a healthier choice.

Tile is also mold and mildew resistant. If your home office happens to be in the kitchen, you want the flooring and area around your workspace to be clean and free from mold. There is nothing worse than sitting in your work area and worrying about that fuzzy colored tile on the wall.  

Keep in mind that carpet is the worst when it comes to allergies. While carpet may feel squishy under your feet, it holds dirt, moisture, and even mold. Even if you vacuum on a regular basis, you still may be missing half of the allergens hiding in your carpet fibers.

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Many Options Available

Create your ideal work environment with tile because there are many options to choose from. Do you tile that looks like wood flooring? It is an option and it comes in many different styles. If you are looking for a more inspiring space, choose a mosaic tile backsplash behind your shelves to inspire creativity. Color can have a large impact on how you feel, your creativity, and it can lower stress. Since this is exclusively your space, decorate it the way you want so you can be productive throughout your day.

Ways to Use Tile in Your Office

Tile can be used in many different ways in your home office. As we mentioned above, mosaic tile backsplash behind your shelves is a good option if you want to create an interesting focal point and add color to your room. But what are the other ways? We created a list of ideas of ways you can use tile in your home office.

Tile Your Wall

That isn’t the only way to use tile — have you thought above tiling a wall? Mother of pearl tile combined with an accent color on a wall creates a unique design that is only found in your home. You can arrange the tile how you want, for example, put the accent color as a border on the top or bottom of the area. You can also put tile with different designs spotted throughout the mother of pearl tile to create an interesting pattern. The possibilities are endless.

Gauged Porcelain Tile 

Gauged porcelain tile is a new trend when it comes to creating furniture out of tile. Porcelain tile can be turned into shelves, benches, desks, cabinets, coffee tables, and planters. Since ceramic and porcelain tiles are made in many patterns, colors, textures, and looks, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating furniture out of tile.

Best for Pets

Do you have one or a few pets running around? Tile flooring is best for your pets as well. Tile is scratch-resistant, so even if they run hard, your pet’s nails won’t break the flooring. If you are potty training your pet, tile is even more essential. Since tile is easily cleaned, any accident your pets leave behind are easily cleaned with a soft cloth and some water.

Heated Flooring

Have you thought about adding heated flooring to your space? If you live in a cold climate this investment is worth it. The floor temperature can go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but most people are comfortable with the temperature between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if it is a cold morning, the heated floor will keep the area warmer without having to turn up your thermostat.

Redecorate Your Office with Tile

Not only is tile allergy-friendly, but it comes in many styles, colors, and patterns. If you want the look of hardwood without paying the hardwood price, then tile flooring is a good option. When you want to create an interesting focal point, a mosaic tile backsplash is perfect for shelving or other space on your wall. Lastly, the mother of pearl tile creates a unique look with its glossy shine and variety of shapes. Make your office cozy, comfortable, and work-friendly when you upgrade it with tile.

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