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Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing Shower Tiles

Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing Shower Tiles

Before purchasing and installing shower tiles, there are many factors that should be considered. Are the tiles slip-resistant? How are they curved? Is your water’s mineral content going to negatively affect the tiles over time? Answering important questions before purchasing tiles is essential, especially if you’re a DIYer who’s working on a budget.

Purchasing and installing premium tiles is not always easy. If you want to know more concretely what you should be aware of before purchasing and installing bathroom tiles, then the following sections are for you!

Have a Design in Mind

As is the case with any construction project, it’s essential to have a design in mind before purchasing and installing bath tiles. You’ll want tiles that are visually appealing, made of high-quality materials, and slip-resistant, and you’ll want these tiles installed with precision so everything looks great and works exceptionally.

luxurious bathroom

Some homeowners enlist the help of professionals when they need a glass tile shower installed, but it seems like today an increasing number of homeowners regard tile installation as a DIY process. Glass tiles have been around for centuries, and they’re installed in bathrooms today because they’re affordable, visually dazzling, and practical.

Having a detailed design plan is also important for budget-related reasons: if you get everything right the first time, there will be no need for expensive glass tile shower repairs. You’ll save plenty of time as well if you follow a detailed design plan during installation.

Know Which Tile Size Is Ideal

Knowing what dimensions you require is essential when purchasing and installing shower tiles. Measure multiple times to confirm required dimensions. Make sure you double-check when shopping for bath tiles online. Be advised that some materials affect tile dimensions slightly, and this may not be noted on a product’s online description.

bathroom that’s been tiled nicelyWhen shopping for glass tiles, knowing the required dimensions is especially important. Mix-ups can be costly and remedying them can be time-consuming. If you need professional help to ensure all your required measurements are correct, don’t be afraid to enlist it.

DIY Installation vs. Professional Help

It’s trendy to pursue DIY projects around the house nowadays, but tile installation is something that some would prefer to have professionals handle. Professionals have years and experience purchasing and installing bath tiles, and they’re also equipped with the latest and best technologies so completing jobs is not only effortless but quick as well. And with so many great companies and contractors out there offering to install shower tiles, prices are competitive and generally budget-friendly.

DIYers take a handful of risks when installing tiles themselves. Without necessary expertise and experience, they’re prone to making novice mistakes that may end up being costly. And since high-tech tools are often too expensive to only be used a handful of times, DIYers usually have to rely on inadequate tools that may make the installation process more challenging.

Where to Go for the Best Shower Tiles

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