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Popular Tile Designs, Applications, And Styles

Popular Tile Designs, Applications, And Styles

Individuals who want to express their creativity and style through interior decorating and design rely heavily on premium tiles to accomplish their visions. Whether you're installing premium shower tiles or tiles to create a high-quality and unique subway tile backsplash, you’ll need to have the best tiles available—these can truly make a space fantastic, not only visually but in practical respects as well. When it comes to tiles, you need to think of shapes, colors, prints, and patterns. It’s also smart to keep current with decor trends and fads, as what’s popular one day can soon be far from in style the next; this reality can directly impact several aspects of your tile design and installation.

In the sections below, the experts from Oasis Tile are going to discuss popular tilenature-themed bathroom designs, applications, and brands, and both DIYers and professional tile installers can benefit from reading this information. The first step to creating a luxurious at-home space begins with tile design, and even a novice (with a little bit of time and effort) can design first-rate tiles that speak to their creativity. Remember: Premium tiles can be installed quickly, easily, and for an affordable rate. Now, let’s get to expanding your tile-creativity horizon.

  1. Nature-Themed Tile Applications Are Popular

Most nature-themed tile applications have been around for decades, though they've become more popular in recent years as more individuals have shown willingness to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. You can use nature-themed tiles that are green, brown, grey, and/or blue in a glass tile shower to create a Amazon/oceanic-themed shower, and this is even more ideal when an overhead rain shower is included. If you accommodate your tile shower with some stones and plants, you can truly create a bathroom oasis that boasts high-quality nature-themed shower tiles.

These tiles also can be used outdoors, in and around swimming pools, patios, etc. Light-green and sky-blue swimming pool tiles are some of the most popular outdoor tiles being purchased these days.

  1. Modern Subway Tile Displays Are Great in Kitchens

As sleek, modern tile designs are now more popular than ever, one can find these inside kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and a variety of other rooms/locations where tiles can be applied nicely. It’s no surprise that subway tiles have become some of the most sought after tiles on the market today, and if you're looking to create a luxurious and unique subway tile backsplash, then you'll need a line of premium tiles to accomplish this task. Oasis Tile’s online store is full of high-quality subway tile, and you can buy it for an affordable price. Subway tile is preferred by those who look to create minimalist designs that don't distract from other kitchen features, like high-quality cabinetry, elegant chandeliers, and first-rate modern appliances. It’s true, however, that a subway tile backsplash, when used behind a sink or oven, can be a delightful visual display, one that lasts a long time as well.

  1. Summer-Themed Tiles Can Brighten Kitchens and Bathrooms

Summer is a popular season, and many would proudly call it their favorite. These individuals who like summer so much often want to be surrounded by its adorableluxurious subway tile backsplash aspects year round, and to accomplish this they include summer colors and themes inside their homes, specifically in kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and bedrooms. Summer-themed tiles, for example, are ideal in bathrooms that are illuminated well by natural light, and a glass tile shower that's made of summer-themed shower tiles can be a luxurious addition in any home.

When you're trying to create summer-themed decor, the biggest thing you should focus on is brightness. Since summer has a lot to do with sunshine, happiness, and a lot of other fun activities that are commonly associated with brightness, you should include colors in your summer-themed area that not only boost overall light but boost individuals’ moods as well. Psychologists have found that being in a room with positive colors can turn one’s mood around, and an individual can go from happy to sad or vice versa just depending on the color of the room they’re in.

  1. You Can’t Go Wrong With Traditional Tiles

Traditional bathrooms are making a comeback, but what does that mean and what do these bathrooms look like? Traditional bathrooms are those that are sleek modern bathroomconstructed using simple, affordable, but the best part is that their eye-catching qualities are never compromised. Consider using mixed-marble countertops, wooden furniture, and wainscoting that has mirrored frames. For the floor, consider using weathered wood; you could also substitute the wood for luxurious shower tiles. Ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the space. All the fixtures should be in harmony, including faucets, lighting, doorknobs, and towel bars.

If you selected the tile option suggested earlier, you should consider making a glass tile shower the centerpiece of your traditional bathroom. Consider grays, white, black, beiges, browns, and other muted tones for wall colors. Stick with the traditional white ceiling to really bring home the traditional look.

  1. Installing Welcoming Tiles Can Truly Transform Your Home

Did you know that some homeowners out there are investing in tiles that talk? No, they’re not literally talking to you, but they’re arranged to say specific greetings like “Hello,” “Good Morning,” and “Have a Great Day.” Such arrangements are specifically popular in bathrooms, and one can create such a setup with premium bath tiles. Children in particular love these arrangements, and it’s been widely accepted that even the smallest bits of positivity can go a long way in boosting a person’s mood.

New York studio designers have been saying for years now that talkative tiles are a playful and creative way to add character to a room, and luxury homeowners more than anyone should be taking full advantage of the current trend. An uplifting greeting can even be arranged with kitchen backsplash tile to help create the comforting, bright kitchen atmosphere most homeowners strive to achieve.

Where to Get the Best Tiles Online Nowadays

You've probably been dreaming of a luxurious subway tile backsplash adorning a space in your kitchen. Maybe you’d love to have a fully tiled, majestic bathroom. Well, we here at Oasis Tile can tell you with confidence that your dream is about to become a reality—all you have to do is get in touch with us! Our expansive selection of premium tiles is preferred, not only by DIYers but professional tile installers who’ve been in the business for a long time as well.

At Oasis Tile, our commitment to high-quality customer service is unending, and we do everything in our power to ensure every one of our customers has a first-rate experience that's worthy of recommendation. When you elect to work with us, you are electing to get the best tile design process on the market today. Call us now or get in touch with us via online to discuss your unique requirements and preferences.

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