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Introduction to Vitrified Floor Tiles

Here at Oasis Tile, many of our customers love vitrified tiles, and we can see why. Some of the most popular tiles on the market today, vitrified tiles have a high-gloss finish, are water-resistant, and come in colors and designs spanning the imagination. If you've been looking at floor tiles for sale and found these glossy flooring tiles that stood out from all the others, here are some of the best things we think you'll like about vitrified tiles.

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Benefits of Vitrified Tiles

Non-Porous and Glossy

Manufactured using clay and silica, vitrified tiles are heated to very high temperatures, which is part of the vitrification process that makes them virtually resistant to water. Having perhaps the most glossy finish of any tile on the market today, vitrified tiles need no additional sealing once installed, meaning you'll have high-gloss tiles indefinitely.

Stain Resistant

Though vitrified tiles look very similar to marble and granite, they actually have a much stronger texture. Because of this, they are far more resistant to being scratched or stained than marble or granite tiles, making them a popular choice in kitchens or other areas.

Tile Colors That Don't Fade

Since they possess such a strong texture and high-gloss finish that has them rarely getting scratched or stained, vitrified tiles are also well-known for maintaining their color for years and years. Even when they are used in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight for many hours each day, their color tends to remain as bright as it was when they were originally installed. Also, once these tiles are installed, don't expect to have problems with them cracking or chipping. 

Variations of Brown In Vitrified Floor Tile 

Vitrified Tile Durability 

Able to Withstand Wear and Tear

If you want decorative floor tile that will be able to withstand the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic, you cannot go wrong by choosing vitrified tiles. Often used in office buildings as well as industrial environments, these tiles are just as thick as marble or granite tiles, usually averaging a thickness of 10-12 mm. Very comparable to natural stone tiles in terms of their durability, vitrified tiles are an excellent choice for any high-traffic location.

Tiles With A Long Lifespan

Even if you do spend quite a bit more to purchase high-quality vitrified tiles, you will more than recoup your initial investment by knowing the tiles will have a very long lifespan. Able to last for decades even with very little maintenance, vitrified tiles top the list when compared to most other tiles on the market today. As a result, many flooring contractors, architects, interior designers, and others regularly recommend these tiles be used by their clients.

Great Quality

When you notice the flooring in retail stores, office buildings, and other places, chances are most if not all of them will have vitrified tiles on their floors. This is because these tiles are recognized as being of very high quality, and have undergone numerous quality checks for their thickness, durability, coloring, and more. 

Light Colored Vitrified Floor Tile With Brown Veins


Installation Process For Vitrified Tile 

Though you may be thinking vitrified tiles would be difficult to install, the fact is they are some of the easiest decorative floor tile to install in residential, commercial, industrial, and other settings. Weighing significantly less than natural stone, the tiles are quite easy to transport anywhere and are easy to handle when being put into place on the floor. Upon being laid, you will also save lots of time, since they will not require any additional polishing or sealing. Once the installation is complete, the tiles can be walked on within 48 hours. 

Indoor and Outdoor Applications

If you use vitrified tiles on your home's interior flooring, you can also choose to use them outdoors as well. This can be wonderful if you want to make your home's interior appear to extend outside, which can be done if you have a patio or other outside area connected to your home. Since you know by now that vitrified tiles are able to withstand sunlight, hold up very well in high-traffic areas, and are resistant to scratches, stains, and dirt, they can be the perfect choice for your home.

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If you've been looking online for floor tile stores near me, you can stop looking once you look over our selection here at Oasis Tile. Featuring many types of floor tiles on sale, you're sure to find the perfect vitrified tiles for your project. If you are ready to transform your floor into one that is shiny, durable, and will look good decades from now, put your trust in us here at Oasis Tile.

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