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Purchasing Tips for Choosing the Best Glass Tiles

In order to choose the right glass tile for your project, consider the main use of the area where the tiles will be applied. The best glass tile for one project won’t be the best for another application.

Does the area get heavy traffic or light use? What activities take place most in that area? Will there be spills? The great thing is that you can transform an ordinary living space into a masterpiece by installing brilliant glass tiles while protecting a wall from food and water splashes at the same time.

Glass tile adds a lovely clean shimmering affect to any surface where it is applied. You can create a lively kitchen or bathroom backsplash, wall, or floor in a single color or you can create your own unique pattern by mixing colors, textures, and finishes.

You’ll enjoy choosing from glossy, frosted, matte or iridescent finishes in glass tile. Each has its own luster and beauty. Glass tiles also look great when stone, metal or slate tiles are part of the design layout resulting in a stylish and unique texture and color combination that will showcase your artistic style.

Glass tiles can be purchased on a sheet where individual tiles are glued to a sturdy backing making it quick and easy to align them during installation. You can also purchase individual tiles which come in handy when you need to fill in a hard to reach space or add one more row to reach the corner. Individual tiles are also used for creating artistic mosaic wall or floor designs.

Using tile sheets, you are able to easily lay out a patterned design and you can move tiles around quickly as you work out the exact pattern of colors and textures that you want.

Going green? You can purchase glass tile from manufacturers that make use of waste glass that is recycled into glass tile for an environmentally friendly option. This helps keep glass out of the landfills and these tiles are every bit as beautiful and durable as other glass tiles. You can see through glass tile which gives it a multi-dimensional appearance. Glass tile is a bit more expensive than ceramic tile but the extravagant look is worth every penny.

Light in an area where glass tiles are installed has a wonderful reflective affect on the tiles. You might want to evaluate the current lighting and consider adding additional lighting to enhance the lovely shimmering light effect of glass tiles.

Glass tile makes a wonderful wall covering, mosaic mural, or colorful accent border so let your imagination soar as you think of the design possibilities.