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Kitchen Backsplash Tiling Options

Although often overlooked, think of backsplash tiling as the final addition to your kitchen remodel that completes an overall theme or certain look. It’s the finishing touch that can make your kitchen shine. But the backsplash not only adds style and design to your kitchen, but protects the wall from grease and food debris.

Think about it – are you going to spend all that money on a beautifully remodeled kitchen, but have a wall behind the stove and sink that is littered with stains? I don’t think so. While there are a number of backsplash tiles to choose from, some of the more popular ones are subway, diagonal, custom mosaic, laser-cut and mirror tile. You can view some examples of these different styles in the photos below:

If you’re looking for an elaborate design, consider laser-cut tiling, which is carefully crafted with lasers and pieced together like a puzzle. Diagonal tiling is a great way to put a unique spin on standard tiling. For a more conventional look, go with a standard subway tile design. This universal classic design will give your kitchen a fresh, clean look. If you want to make bold statement, you can choose a mosaic backsplash that will add an artistic element to your kitchen.

A common design technique is to contrast the backsplash with the rest of the kitchen. For example, if you have simple, neutral colors for your cabinets, you can go with a flashy backsplash design that will really stand out. Don’t get too crazy though – you still want to make sure it fits with the overall design of the kitchen.

Another technique is to use accent colors that complement the cabinets and counters. You can even use a mixture of light and dark tiles to balance it out.

White tiling is a popular choice with granite countertops because it helps the granite stand out.