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How to Use Tile to Spruce Up Your Home

You may feel that your home is in real need of a facelift but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Which two rooms are often the most worn looking rooms in your house because they’re the most heavily used? It’s most likely the kitchen and the bathroom.

Glass tile can spruce up many areas of your home and in a big way…from the pool area to the entry way to the kitchen to the bathroom. Glass tile adds color, design and new life to any living space where you install them.

Let’s say you decide to start with updating the bathroom. Glass tile makes an excellent wall or floor covering in a bathroom. Some people choose to put tile just half way up the wall and others tile from floor to ceiling for a more dramatic look that really steps the style up a notch.

There are subway tiles, the waterfall series, the tranquil series, precious stone series, pillow series, opera series, the look of shattered glass, and the river pebble series to name a few styles of glass tiles that would look amazing in the bathroom.

You can create a decorative glass tile backsplash for behind the bathroom sink area that adds a special touch of class to the bathroom while protecting the wall from the unavoidable water splashes in that area.

The wonderful thing about glass tile is that it is both durable and easy to clean. To clean glass tiles, all you need to do is spray it with window cleaner and wipe it until it shines with a clean dry cloth.

Kitchen backsplashes can add brilliant or subtle color to the room providing an outlet to showcase your artistic abilities and personal style. The design possibilities are truly endless.

Some like it plain, creating a solid colored glass tile backsplash while other people choose to create a lively patterned or mosaic design using many colors of glass tile. Bathroom walls will never again be boring and kitchen backsplashes will magically brighten the room with the shimmering effects of glass tile or with a combination of various tiles such as glass and metal tile.

You can save money by installing your own backsplashes, wall, and floor tiles. It’s not as hard as you might think when you have the right tools and supplies. Plus, you’ll enjoy a great deal of satisfaction and pride from completing a glass tile project that totally transforms an area of your home in serious need of an upgrade.

It does require some patience to add the grout and especially so with glass tiles since they do not absorb moisture. This means the grout will take longer to set…but the wait will all be worth it when you’re done.

You can mix tile colors, sizes and shapes as well as the material the tile is made of for very interesting walls and backsplashes. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional installer, you will enjoy the fresh sparkling look glass tile adds to your home.