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Glass Tiles Backsplash Design Ideas

In today’s modern design world, bathroom and kitchen glass tile backsplashes come in more than the traditional look of a mostly solid colored wall of tile. Looking for some bathroom and kitchen backsplashes to inspire your next design remodel product? Here, we’ll share a few great ideas we think you’ll love.

Some design possibilities to consider for great backsplashes:

· Mosaic bathroom tile on the floor to match the backsplash over the sink. 

· Metal tile for a kitchen tile backsplash.

· Backsplash tiles with colored grout in between the tiles. 

· Kitchen backsplashes with a framed geometric design. 

· A mosaic tile backsplash on the wall behind the toilet and tie the same design and colors into an accent border around the bathroom mirror that makes a serious design statement. 

· Mosaic backsplash tile in patterns such as circles or diamond shapes outlined by plain tiles.

We’ve gathered together some images of backsplashes to paint a picture for you of the limitless ways you can add color, dramatic lines and interest to the kitchen backsplash or quiet shimmering solid colors for the bath.

A lot of times, you may think of using plain glass or ceramic tile while lining everything up in a straight line and then mixing up the colors a bit as you lay each tile over the next.

But…what if…

You chose a textured tile such as stone tile and you turned the tiles 90 degrees and attached them to the wall so that a square tile now looks like a diamond shape? And after you made a nice sized diamond area using your stone or some other textured tile…you placed a plain color tile to make your diamond creation stand out. Or…you could install a solid wall of stone tiles this way for a rustic natural look.

Another wonderful natural way to bring the outdoors inside is to install a brick backsplash in the kitchen. You can apply the brick tiles half way up the wall or cover the wall completely.

Simple Stainless Steel Backsplashes In the bathroom, you might enjoy the simple shimmering beauty of white iridescent tile mixed with shattered glass or dazzling white glossy glass tile. Or some other combination of whites that complement each other for a truly lovely bathroom that you will love to wake up to.

Sometimes you want to keep it simple and use just two alternating colors. You can choose from tiny or larger tiles when creating your kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

Mosaic tiles work great both in the kitchen and bathroom to create a bright colorful backsplash that is as functional in preventing water damage as it is wonderful to look at. You can create a unique and colorful mosaic design or…to get super creative…you can fill a circle or a square with mosaic tile in the artistic design of your choice and then border it with a solid color of tile.

Your imagination can take you wherever you want to go when designing your own backsplash.