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Beautiful Bathroom Tile Color Ideas

Over the past several years, bathroom renovations have been all the rage. If you want to bring a new look to your bathroom, choosing beautiful tile will be one of your first decisions. While in years past you may have been limited as to the colors of tile for your bathroom, that's no longer the case. In fact, a rainbow of colors is now available for your bathroom. If you're ready to get started, our team here at Oasis Tile has some great ideas you may want to consider.

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How To Style Different Bathroom Tile Colors

White Tile Still Works Wonders

When choosing bathroom floor tiles, the first thing you should know is that white still works wonders for bathrooms big and small. Along with giving your bathroom a clean look, floor tiles in a bathroom also help make smaller bathrooms appear to be much bigger. Should you have a bathroom that gets little if any natural lighting, white floor tiles in the bathroom will also help make the room brighter since they will reflect any existing light. Last but not least, white always has been and always will be a classic look for bathrooms. Thus, no matter what trends come along, chances are your white bathroom floor tiles will always be considered stylish and elegant.

Modern Bathroom With Dark Floor Tiles & Dark Walls With Freestanding Tub



Dark Floor Tiles, Light Walls

While it's true that you can rarely if ever go wrong by choosing white tiles for your bathroom, there's also nothing wrong with doing the opposite and instead opting for a very dark floor. This has become popular in many homes, where customers have decided to have their flooring darker than the walls and ceiling. Depending upon your preferences, you may choose to have a total contrast and have black floor tiles with white walls and a white ceiling. Along with the contrast, dark flooring tiles in a bathroom tend to show less dirt, making your cleaning chores a bit easier.

Mixing and Matching Tiles

While most bathroom floors have tiles that are the same color, more and more of today's modern bathrooms in contemporary homes have floors where tiles have been mixed and matched. As a general design rule, you usually don't want your bathroom floor tiles to overwhelm the colors of your walls, ceiling, and fixtures. However, as bathrooms undergo numerous renovations due to changing trends, people are opting to choose colors that leave them feeling refreshed and inspired. Popular colors used when mixing and matching include blue, yellow, beige, and light gray. If you choose to mix and match, you can use your imagination to create various patterns or designs, making your bathroom even more unique.

Cool Floor Tile Tones for a Cool Bathroom

If you just are not the adventurous type when choosing flooring tiles for bathrooms, you can still have a bathroom that looks great. To do so, concentrate on tiles that have a cool tone in terms of their color, and fit more into a neutral color palette. Tile colors that fit this description perfectly include eggshell, sand, ivory, off-white, and of course traditional white. When these colors are utilized correctly in a bathroom, the result is an environment that exudes relaxation.

Bathroom With White Floor Tiles & Wooden Wall Panelling With A Freestanding Tub


Considerations When Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles

Colors and Types of Floor Tiles

When you want a certain color of bathroom floor tiles, you may think it will only be available in one particular type of tile, such as ceramic or porcelain. However, as design and innovation have taken hold regarding bathroom floor tiles over the years, anything is now possible. As a result, you can get virtually any color of bathroom floor tile you desire in whatever type of tile you desire. For example, if you want a bathroom floor that is vibrant with color, you can get natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass, or even wood-like tile that looks and feels like natural wood. Also, if you're wanting non slip floor tiles, these too are available in virtually all types of styles and colors. 

Reflecting Your Sense of Style

Like the other rooms in a home, the bathroom should reflect your sense of style. Although you want the bathroom floor tiles to complement the walls and accessories as much as possible, you also have an opportunity to create something very special and unique when choosing flooring tiles for a bathroom. One of the hottest bathroom design trends is using mosaic glass tiles filed with colors and designs that leap out at you with repeating patterns. Remember, although it sounds as if glass tiles would be very slippery, they are actually nonslip floor tiles that work well on bathroom floors and inside showers. Whether you desire simple elegance or instead want colored tiles that give you an extra burst of energy each morning when you get out of the shower, make sure your sense of style always takes center stage.

Think About Tile Maintenance 

When choosing the bathroom floor tiles for your home, keep in mind just how much maintenance and cleaning will be needed based on the colors you select. For example, should you decide to go with an all-white bathroom for your floor and walls, the tiles for the bathroom walls and floor will need to be cleaned very regularly. Otherwise, you may wind up with a dirty floor and very clean walls, which won't be the look you are hoping to achieve. Therefore, don't let yourself fall in love immediately with one particular color or design style. Instead, do some research, ask the opinions of professionals, and leave your mind open to other possibilities.

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It's Your Bathroom

Ultimately, you should choose bathroom floor tiles in colors you truly love. Even if you had always had an all-white bathroom or one that featured other neutral colors, don't be afraid to make quite a change in terms of colors and designs. Like anything else in life, design trends evolve over time. If you think the time has come to mix and match your bathroom floor tiles, have an unmistakable contrast between your floor and walls, or whatever else you may have in mind, look to Oasis Tile for your bathroom floor tiles.

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