Plenty of homeowners already know this or have an idea, but it remains a topic that we've needed to repeat for those who haven't yet been fully illuminated. There are places every homeowner should absolutely have tiled. We understand that personal preference and aesthetic taste are things to consider, but we're certain that these tiling tips will combine fashion and functionality.

Ceramic is a popular modern tile material that originated over 37,000 years ago for pottery and decorations that still catch the eye in museums of the ancients. Durable and beautiful, there's no reason you shouldn't be tiling certain places around your house. Let's look at a few of them.


First impressions are everything and you can make the walk up to your front door as remarkable as the yellow brick road. We exaggerate, but can't overstate the impression that rustic, durably popular tile designs would give guests as they meander the path to enter your house. Stand out among the scores of boring entrance paths in your neighborhood.



Opting for some older world nomenclature, many households are returning to having fireplace hearths and mudrooms. The mudroom makes sense because it houses dirty shoes before guests fully enter your home. Transferring from that dazzling entryway and path, keep up the vibe and practicality with a tiled mudroom. Tile is much easier to wipe away dirt than carpeting. Once they're inside a tiled hearth will welcome cold bones to sit by the fire, plus the mess of wood chips and errant ash will be just as easily removed as they arrived.



Tile in a bathroom is veritably law at this point. Between bathroom shower tiles, floor tiles, and even something chic like subway tile walls, nix the wallpaper and opt for something durable, easy to clean, and much more beautiful. In fact, any rooms that might see moisture: kitchen, laundry room, and tile in a bathroom are all prudent places to lay grout.

There you have it, places where both aesthetics and practicality matter are essential to tile. Of course, you can get creative and tile whatever rooms you feel like. It is, after all, your home.