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Innovative Ideas For Ceiling Design

For those who are seeking new and innovative ideas for ceiling design, look no further. Boring white flat paint on a sheetrock ceiling has faded into a long lost era. There is no time like now to explore the endless possibilities of giving your ceilings a complete makeover. Both the ambience and the overall appearance of the room you choose to work with will be improved by a new ceiling. Although it is one-sixth of the room, it is still a powerful component in interior design. Let’s take a look at some fabulous ideas for a ceiling re-do.

Clearly the easiest ceiling makeover is to simply change the color from white flat paint to something more eye-catching. Either deep rich colors or earthen tones could work wonders in setting the tone. Consider darker colors if you are looking for a more cozy intimate setting.

Ceilings that are darker than walls have a tendency to give the ceiling a lower feel and vice versa. If you have a basement that could use a feel of height, be sure to use a lighter shade on the ceiling than on the walls. The type of lighting will also make a difference on how the color affects the room. Soft lighting on a deep rich red can produce a warming glow, while bright light on shades of blue or green can evoke a breezy airy feeling.

For those ready to try something more daring, scratch the idea of solids and go for textured or glass tile ceilings. While a room that has a lot of details needs a more basic ceiling as described above, rooms with simple furnishing and no frills can really come alive with a beautiful mosaic tile ceiling. Fortunately tiles come in all colors, materials and sizes, so finding a solid wood or stainless steel tile for your ceiling is easy. Even a solid color glass tile can work wonders adding shine to your ceiling. Once you have selected the tiles you want to use, tiling the ceiling is a straight-forward do-it-yourself job.

There are three ways to tile the ceiling – glue, nails or drop-in. Many tile supply companies will provide step-by-step instructions for this wonderful way of making over a boring ceiling. Aside from re-painting or tiling your ceiling, a third option that is more involved is to install wooden beams. Wooden beams were first used in design by Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene.

These two brothers were architects and designers who used prominent wooden beams to create a feeling of comfort and security. Exposed wooden beams are especially recommended for particularly high ceilings. They serve to close in the room and bring it down to a more intimate level.

Due to the potential hazard of improperly installed beams, this is a project for a professional. Whether you are on a budget or willing to invest in your ceiling makeover, the options are clear and of course not limited to these ideas. Wooden beams, mosaic glass tile ceilings, or simply a few coats of paint can bring warmth, radiance and beauty to any room you choose.

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