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Creating the Illusion of Open Space in Your Home

Maybe you feel your home is too small and you’d like to add a more open feel to some of the rooms. One way to create the illusion of more open space in your living area is the careful use of textures, colors, and shapes. Light colors naturally make a room look bigger.

Consider if you painted an entire room black or dark blue and then if you painted it white or cream color? From that illustration you can imagine then how a dark color would make you feel sort of closed in and a lighter color would make you feel more free and at ease. However, we don’t just want to talk about wall color. The entire room can and should work together to create that feeling you desire of more space.

Let’s go into the bathroom first. For one possibility, the backsplash tiles, vanity and countertops would look stunning in a white iridescent glass tile. You would then create the wall and shower wall and floor colors, texture, and pattern to coordinate with these glass tiles using a slightly different pattern if you wish, while keeping the colors white or very light. If you didn’t want solid white, you could sprinkle a few black or red diamond tiles every few feet both across and up the wall. This would also add more of a classical look and perhaps even a bit of a masculine touch.

As you leave the bathroom and walk down the hall toward the entrance of your home. There is another area that can benefit from light shades of glass tiles both on the floor and the walls to sort of open up that space as well. The open feeling you’re seeking is obtained by using pale shades of color everywhere that you can. You can create a patterned or plain wall design and a light colored entry way floor to greet your guests. The wise choice of tile color and design will lead the eye down the hall and into the next room in a very fresh, pleasant, and welcoming way.

What room is around the next corner? The kitchen! Kitchen tiles in vibrant mixed or solid colors can really make this room a bright and happy place! And that’s great since you spend so much time there along with your family. Glass backsplash tiles make an outstanding focal point if you choose to create a mosaic or patterned design over the sink and stove areas. To make the kitchen seem bigger, the addition of glass tile countertops and glass backsplash tiles will add both light and color.

When room lights and natural sunlight reflect from the glass tile, you get that “bigger room” effect. You’ll find clean sharp lines and a less cluttered look and feel with glass tiles. Remodeling with glass tile works wonders to bring shimmering light into a room due to the reflective effect when light bounces off the tile. Glass tile is ideal for transforming your home into one with a spacious welcoming feel.

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