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Pool Tile Requirements When Designing A Pool

When a swimming pool is being designed, the average cost can be $30,000. While many materials will be used in constructing a pool, we at Oasis Tile believe the tile may arguably be the most important. Along with turning the pool into a spectacular visual show, it will also play a role in keeping the pool well-maintained as well as safe for everyone to use. When choosing pool tile, many factors need to be taken into consideration. To ensure you make the right choices each step of the way, here are some things we suggest you keep in mind.

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Is Special Tile Needed for Pools?

Yes, you will need special tile for your swimming pool. If you have spare tile around your home left over from a previous project, it won't work if you try to use it in your pool.

Since having tiles around your pool that are slip-resistant is of the utmost importance, we can't stress enough the importance of tile ratings. Whether pool tile is dry or wet, it has to be slip-resistant. Thus, pool tiles are given a resistance rating to help grade their slip resistance. For most pools, we think it's best if you choose pool tiles that have an "R" rating of 11 or 12. 

Other ratings are given to pool tiles for their water absorption, breaking strength, resistance to abrasion, and chemical resistance. 

Tile with a Class A is best for chemical resistance, while tile that has a PEI rating of close to five is made for use with pools, since this means it stands up well to abrasion.

When tile is placed in a pool, the last thing you want is for it to break. For pool tile, this means tile should always have a breaking strength of no less than 250 pounds. Finally, water absorption rates for pool tile should be no greater than 0.5% or less. This means the tile will bond firmly to the pool surface, due to it being nearly impervious to absorbing water. This is why porcelain and glass tile are used in many pools, since these materials absorb little if any water.

Simple Blue Pool Tiles Used For Pool Floor Design

Choose Tiles With Durability & Quality

Even if you are on a budget, you can still come away with pool tiles that are of excellent quality and very durable. For many people, ceramic pool tiles are an excellent choice. Durable, available in many colors and designs, and affordable, ceramic tile can keep a pool in great shape for years. 

Safety Considerations For Pool Tiles

When you are thinking about pool area tiles or pool tile on steps, always remember that safety should be a top concern. 

Fortunately, this does not mean you'll have to settle for pool tiles that are not beautiful. In fact, many of the best pool tiles on the market today are not only slip-resistant, but also available in any color or design you would want for your pool.

If you have children or older adults who will be hanging out in or around the pool regularly, always remember that slip-resistant tiles can ensure a little safety goes a long way.

What Size Tiles Should I Use For My Pool? 

Initially, you may not think it would make much difference whether small or large tiles are used in a pool. However, this decision can be more important than you realize.

Larger pool tiles tend to have fewer seams, resulting in lower buildups of dirt. This can make it easier to keep your pool clean, which can save you money.

If you want your pool to have a unique design that will stand out from most other pools, smaller tiles tend to work best. Mosaic tiles are an excellent choice for these situations, since they can be used by contractors to turn any pool into a true work of art. 

The downside of using smaller tiles is that they require more effort to keep clean, which may take more time and cost a bit more. 

What Are The Best Colors For Pool Tiles? 

For some people, it's important to have their pool color matching the colors of their home. For others, they want something completely different. No matter which is your preference, don't discount the colors you choose for your pool.

White tile is always an excellent choice, especially if a pool needs to have a uniform appearance and be reflective. It is also a relaxing color, and research has shown people tend to stay in white pools longer than they do in dark-colored pools. 
Many homeowners see their pool as a place for having fun, so they opt for a more colorful pool design. Whether you use mosaic pool tiles, or go for a blue glass pool tile, the design is sure to be unique.

 Pool With Natural Stone Tile Exterior And Blue Waterline Tiles With house In Background

Why are Glass Tiles So Popular for Swimming Pools?

As more options have become available to customers regarding pool tiles, our team here at Oasis Tile as well as numerous contractors have noticed many people now insist on having glass tiles for swimming pools. 

If you want to do this as well, remember a few things. First, although glass pool tiles are exquisite, they are also expensive, so you'll need to have a large budget for your pool project. 

Slipping and sliding can also be an issue. If you are making safety your absolute top priority when designing your pool, it may be better if you instead look to stone or porcelain pool tiles, since you'll get a similar look at a much lower price.

Choosing Tile You’re Comfortable With

In designing your pool, also take comfort levels into consideration. 

For example, when you step out of the water, even on a hot day, you're going to be chilled initially. If you decide to use natural stone on pool steps and your pool deck, the stone absorbs heat during the day, giving you a great way to get warmed up in a hurry. Highly slip-resistant and useful for creating whatever unique design you would want, you can't go wrong with natural stone pool tiles.

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Since your pool should be perfect in every way, it's important to choose not only the best pool tiles, but also to work with professionals who can answer your questions and offer suggestions along the way. By selecting pool tile from Oasis Tile, you'll get the best from the best.