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How to Install Glass Tile Backsplash Some Helpful Tips

You can hire a professional to install your glass tile backsplash…highly recommended…if you don’t have the patience, the tools or the experience necessary to do the job right.

Another option to save some money is to install your own backsplash glass tiles. Gather all the tools and supplies you’ll need ahead of time and enjoy the experience.

Here are some helpful tips for how to properly install a glass tile backsplash if this is your first time handling installing glass tile. It’s a good idea to allow 2-3 days for your project, depending on the size of the backsplash area and any wall preparation needed beforehand.

The first step really comes before installation. Make sure that you’ve taken enough time to consider your design options and even gotten a sample of a few of your favorite tiles so that you don’t find what you “really” wanted a few months from now. Holding a sample tile up in the room where it will be installed can really help you make the best choice of backsplash glass tile.

Tools and materials needed:

  1. 3/16th inch v-notched trowel
  2. Grout float 
  3. Wet saw rental –get a blade for glass-cutting 
  4. 2 Buckets – two for water and the other for mixing thinset mortar 
  5. 1-2 Sponges-capable of handling abrasion of tile and grout and big enough to be easy to work with 
  6. Mixing trowel 
  7. Thinset mortar 

Make necessary cuts to tile to go around outlets, etc.

Mix thinset mortar in your bucket…mix no more than a ½ gallon at a time…to the consistency of peanut butter.

Use trowel to apply thinset to the backsplash area. Remove excess thinset with the v-notched edge of the trowel holding it at a 45 degree angle.

Apply the tile. Using gentle pressure, lightly tap tiles with the grout float to set them firmly in the adhesive.

Thinset should be completely dry before grouting. Allow 24 hours before grouting.

Apply the grout with vertical and horizontal strokes and slight pressure to make sure all the joints are filled.

Clean the tiles with a dampened sponge before the grout has completely hardened (which takes 24-36 hours). Be careful not to remove the grout between the joints. This is the part where it’s good to have a helper to keep replacing the water in your bucket and rinsing one sponge while you are using a second sponge.