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Natural and artificial stone or high-quality glass are very expensive materials. They are distinguished by the enormous complexity of the carving process; therefore, manufacturers have to use special equipment to ensure the highest possible quality of the end product which has to be achieved with the minimal losses of source material. The works of glass and stone masonry were employed by the architects since ancient times: they were used for building monumental castles, majestic temples and churches, and beautiful houses. The art of stone cutting has been improving for many centuries and now it reached one of its peaks thanks to the unparalleled technological progress. Such progress gave us one of the most advanced method of tiles production which is known as waterjet cutting. The specifics of stone's structure make it a very difficult material to handle, not every cutting method can guarantee that the precious tiles won't crumble or otherwise get damaged in the process of cutting. But waterjet cutting has proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable methods of cutting stone as well as expensive glass and metal.

The process of waterjet cutting involves application of a thin jet of water which is fed onto the material under a pressure of 2000 to 6000 bars (depending on the density of the material) achieved due to the use of a special compressor. The water is also mixed with various abrasive particles that increase the efficiency of the erosive stage of the cutting process.

This particular method allows to process stones and other materials of any density, shape, and plasticity. Moreover, it is possible to perform not only shape cutting but also sheet cutting on the waterjet equipment, thus enabling the manufacturers to produce waterjet tiles of different sizes, from small 1” x 1” ornately-shaped tiles to big 4” x 6” waterjet mosaic tiles.

Another advantage of waterjet tiles is that thanks to the innovative cutting technology they are made with absolute precision, without any imperfections on the surface or the edges. It means that you won't experience any trouble whatsoever in the course of laying or facing your interior with our waterjet tiles. We have more than 90 types of such waterjet mosaic tiles, each of which was produced with the split-hair accuracy and the utmost care to make your interior renovation process as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

Moreover, waterjet cutting is an incredibly environmentally clean process which means that there is not a single chance that our waterjet tiles may be the tiniest bit harmful to your health. All in all, our waterjet mosaic tiles have all three features of superb waterjet tiles: beauty, perfection, and sustainability. We are certain that they will help you turn your interior design into a masterpiece.

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