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Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis
Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis


Volcano Series

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about volcanoes? It is probably grandiosity, magnificence, and sheer beauty. Volcanoes are one of the most spectacular creations of nature, and the tiles of Volcano Series fully convey the splendor of these tectonic plates.

The tiles of this Series have an unparalleled appearance which combines a hazy shining and a smooth seemingly porous texture. Although the color spectrum of these tiles contains only variations of gray, brown, and metallic, they are so vibrant and deep that it is hard to take your eyes off them. Moreover, these colors will help to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere which is ideal for having prolonged evening conversations or immersing in deep thinking.

Naturally, the perfect place for laying the tiles of Volcano Series would be the living room which has a large fireplace. The ashy colors of these tiles and the gleams of steadily burning fire will create an atmosphere both relaxing and somewhat mysterious. The reflection of natural lights from the glossy glass tiles will only deepen the feeling of total tranquility. Apart from being stunningly beautiful, the glass of which these tiles are made is one of the finest raw materials on the planet. That is why they are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. These tiles are not affected by UV so you can use them even outside, for instance, near the pool area or on the walls of the terrace. They will serve you for decades; certainly not as long as the volcanoes stand but at least they don't produce so much dust.

Being shaped as subway tiles and having the metallic coating provides a perfect opportunity to use the Volcano Series tiles in such contemporary interior designs as industrial. In a way, it would be a marvelous combo of the beauty of nature and the fast-paced and free urbanistic spirit.
So far, there are twelve types of tiles in the Volcano Series which come in three different colors: bronze, gray, and silver. All tiles come in the same size (3 by 6 inches) and at the same price - $12 per square foot which truly a bargain for such magnificent tiles.

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