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Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway Tile Backsplash

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Subway tile are the rage these days, but the truth is, these gleaming 3x6s have been around since the unveiling of the subway system in the early 1900’s. Ever classic, yet with a crisp contemporary feel, subway tiles are not just a passing trend, and at Oasis Tile we provide you with a wide variety of design choices for working these wonders into your home.

As versatile as they are beautiful, ceramic subway tiles are a neat, low maintenance, yet hardworking tile that can dress up any space. Available in myriad colors and finishes they are perfect in the bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, or as a subway tile backsplash in the kitchen.

While the original pure white tile is timeless in its simple elegance, a bolder metal subway tile from the stainless steel series adds a sleek and modern element, while still maintaining a nod to tradition. Choose fun and funky colored tiles to add a pop of color contrast to otherwise staid and simple décor, and trying stacking the tiles vertically or diagonally for a distinct presentation.

Eco friendly recycled glass is the material of choice for subway tiles in greener homes, and work wonderfully in high work environments such as a kitchen backsplash, or as the perfect pick-me-up to a tired and worn bathroom or shower. Glass has a natural sheen to it, and gleaming glass has a way of opening up a space and adding depth to any room. Of course the ceramic and glass can be mixed and matched, creating a mosaic or using the glass subway tiles as an accent.

Natural stone is another environmentally friendly material, and works incredibly well with granite to tie a room together. Available in a various shades, natural stone subway tile keeps a room cohesive, neat, and interesting.

In addition to the myriad colors, materials, shades, and finishes, subway tiles are now available in so many more sizes than just the original 3x6. You can choose to go jumbo with a 4x12 subway tile or mini with 1x4 and shakes things up with different color grouts. Indeed, the ever adaptable subway tile can be used as an accent or to completely renovate and transform a space.

At Oasis Tile, the subway tile pricing is discounted even below Home Depot and Lowe’s pricing. You can expect a superb product and exceptional customer service along with our unbeatable prices.

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