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Recycled Glass Tiles

Recycled Glass Tiles
  • Cotton Candy Pink Glossy Glass Tile
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    Cotton Candy Pink Glossy Glass Tile

    Albeit looking moderately simple, this pink 1'' x 1'' mosaic piece maintains all decorative features of glass tile, like a volumizing look, mild s...

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You can have the look of custom made tile with recycled glass tile from Oasis Tile. We offer beautiful recycled mosaic tiles all manufactured under strict in house quality control. You’ll feel good about the low impact on the environment while being able to add lovely recycled glass tile to your remodel or new design project in the kitchen, bathroom or around the pool area or pool bottom. Our anti-slip series with no water absorption comes in different textures and colors and is ideal for bathroom floors and pool areas. Recycled glass comes in eye catching colors and textures to create unique kitchen and bathroom backsplashes that you will be excited to show off when friends visit your home. The glistening effect of our recycled glass tiles that come in transparent and opaque colors, iridescent hues, and matte finishes will transform your once dull and lifeless living area to bright and shimmering.

Perhaps not all of you know that glass can be recycled to a 99 percent recyclable product. Recycling is a very important and popular global trend, whose purpose is to lower the amount of product residue in the environment and create great products from seemingly useless household and industrial wastes. One of such products in our magnificent recycled glass tiles. The processing of such glass takes place in a completely closed cycle which leaves no wastes or unwanted by-products. Moreover, recycling of glass saves a lot of natural raw materials. To be precise, a ton of recycled glass allows saving more than 300 pounds of natural sand, almost 100 pounds of soda and the same amount of limestone. Therefore, if you really want to save the environment as well as our natural resources, you should definitely opt for recycled glass tiles when picking the finishing materials for your interior decoration works.

Our glass tiles come in three classic shapes: square, uniform brick, and hexagon allowing you to form a solid base for the interior design which may be complemented by other materials, for example, metal, ceramics or even wood. And with such a magnificent variety of colors, from beige to stainless steel, you will be able to create a truly unique atmosphere in any room of your house. The quality of this tiles is no less than remarkable due to the fact that our suppliers, the most reliable and renowned companies in the tile producing industry, always make sure that these tiles are produced not from just any glass but from the glass of prime quality. Recycled glass tiles are every bit as good as any other glass tiles in terms of quality, durability, color variety, and moisture resistance. The only major difference is that recycled glass tiles are great not only for your interior design but also for the environment.

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