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Queens Lair Series

Queens Lair Series
  • Wooden Hornet Hexagon Brown Glossy Glass & Stone Tile Euro Glass
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    Wooden Hornet Hexagon Brown Glossy Glass & Stone Tile

    For the last few years tiles of hexagon shape have become one of the major movements in tile design. An unusual structure much like a honeycomb c...

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Are you looking for ideas to give a renovation to your home? You have come to the right place as the new Queens Lair tiles collection is ideal for a refreshed and revitalized appearance. You no longer need to look at your space and feel dull about it because these tile options are suitable for adding charm to any room. We have a variety of tiles in this model. So you can choose from a lot of colors and sizes based on your home. The hexagonal glossy glass and stone tiles are available in four different options. You can pick any one of them or even all of them to create a contrast.

The range of the Lair series tiles at Oasis Tile gives you goals for modern home decor. The hexagon glossy glass and stone tiles that you can consider are:

  • Aspen Grove Hexagon Silver Tiles
  • Wooden Hornet Hexagon Brown Tiles
  • Honey Harvest Gold Tiles
  • Nimbus Cloud Beige Tiles

All of these options are highly impressive and can refurbish your space in a snap. If you are eager to add a new look to your space, there is nothing better than applying these Queens lair series tiles. We understand how challenging it can be to choose the ideal material for your home's renovation. But this time you do not have to think twice. Oasis tile is here with excellent options for your home. Whatever you prefer, the varieties in this series have got it covered.

What are the Queens lair tiles suitable for?

Our range of Queen Lair Tiles are ideal for spaces of all kinds. Be it your office or your luxurious living room, these tiles match all the surroundings. You may even choose to make lair tiles the centerpiece of your home decor. There are a lot of themes you can think of while installing these tiles, and here are a few of them.

Minimal yet Classy

If you prefer minimal decor yet luxurious decor in your home, the Aspen Grove silver hexagon tiles will do the job for you. These glass and stone tiles are ideal to be the centerpiece of your home. Install them as the style pop in your bathroom or the staple tile design in your kitchen; these tiles will fit them all. They can make your space look brighter and add a class to it.

Variations in Vintage

The Wooden Hornet and Honey Harvest tiles would be perfect for a space with a touch of vintage and a touch of modern. These Queen lair tiles are ideal for bringing a twist to your vintage decor, and they can add a cozy atmosphere to the room paired with dim lights and vintage paintings. These tiles are perfect for warm yet straightforward decor.

Lovely Lively

If you love a bright space with cool colors around, pick Nimbus Cloud beige tiles for your home. You may choose to install them in the master bedroom for brightness and a relaxed feeling. Pair these tiles with similar colored bed sheets and props to add the fitting complement.

Our collection of Lair Series tiles can suit all your decor preferences. Choose any of them for a dream home transformation.

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