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Porcelain Tiles

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Porcelain floor and wall tiles are an excellent choice for those seeking a durable long lasting and beautiful look. Why buy porcelain tiles over ordinary ceramic tiles? Ceramic tiles usually have a high water absorption rate. What this means is that because of this, in certain applications, they don’t hold up as well as porcelain which has a very low water absorption rate (less than 0.5%) in frosty conditions. Non-porcelain ceramic tile chips more easily and is more likely to show wear from heavy traffic use. Porcelain floor and wall tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures so that they become non-porous and are simply glazed to make them easy to clean and to give them a nice glossy finish like the ones we offer here at Oasis Tile. Porcelain tile shows less wear and holds up to stress better than ceramic tile making porcelain tile suitable for any residential or commercial high traffic application.

Another advantage of porcelain floor and wall tiles is that they are evenly-colored throughout their entire width. For instance, when a ceramic tile cracks or chips away, you can see that the coloring on the inside is different from the coloring on the outside, meaning that even the slightest damage to such tiles might ruin the entire ornament. That doesn’t normally happen with porcelain tiles because all minor cracks and damages remain almost invisible.

However, you should take more precaution while laying porcelain floor and wall tiles because their gloss coating is more tender than the one on ceramic tiles due to the homogeneous structure of the first type of tiles. If not handled with care, the glossing may get scrapes or cracks. But such measures should be taken only when laying the tiles; once they are safely placed on the floor or on walls, they become virtually wear-prone. Even after thousands of people have walked on porcelain tiles for a thousand days, this amazing finishing material will look as good as new. Researchers at the American Institute of Porcelain and Enamel have assessed the durability of various types of ceramic tiles and came to the conclusion that porcelain tiles are the most durable of all. Moreover, you can put these tiles even outside the house which is located in the regions with cold climate because porcelain is far more freeze-resistant than other ceramic materials.

Our porcelain floor and wall tiles come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, from uniform brick to arabesque, allowing you not only to develop the unique interior strictly with porcelain tiles but also mix them with other finishing materials such as natural stone, granite, marble, terracotta, metal, and even wood.

These are the reasons why porcelain tiles can be the best practical solution for any type of flooring or wall finishing because it doesn't need polishing and is easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

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