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Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis
Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis

Metallic Series

When it comes to interior design, glossy glass tiles serve as a modern alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. The tiles made of this particular type of glass have numerous advantages. They obviously look great, but at the same time they are hygienic, durable and can be easily repaired.

The glossy glass tiles of the Metallic Series can become a superior solution when decorating almost any area of the house, though most of the time, these tiles are laid in the bathroom or in the kitchen. All tiles from the Metallic Series are produced in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety. Therefore, even if these tiles get damaged, they can be replaced with little to no effort and the shatters won't pose any danger to the inhabitants of the house. Such environmental factor as UV light, heat, and high humidity have no effect on glossy glass tiles of this Series which makes them universally applicable. Moreover, the surface of these glossy glass tiles have one very useful property. They are capable of visually "pushing" the boundaries of the room. Thus, using such glass tile in the interior allows you to visually enlarge even the smallest rooms.

All tiles of the Metallic Series are shaped like the subway tiles which makes them even more suitable for all designer decisions, especially those that are inspired by the modern urbanistic tendencies. They are produced in three different sizes (2 by 8, 3 by 12, and 3 by 6 inches), so you can cover an entire room with these tiles or create a small but attractive kitchen or bathroom backsplash. The tiles have both glossy and matte finish, so you can choose the one that is more appropriate for the lighting in the area where you plan to place them.

If you think about decorating your home in the industrial style, which is gaining vast popularity all over the world, especially in the big metropolitan areas, then the tiles of this Series will suit this purpose perfectly. All in all, the Metal Series tiles are tailored for those who seek both strictness and cold beauty for their interior design solutions.

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