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Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis
Welcome to Oasis Tile, formally Glass Tile Oasis

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon floor and wall tiles have been around for many centuries. Architects started using these elements of decoration in interior and exterior design way back in the 18th century, mainly in the mansions which belonged to European nobility. But the history of hexagon goes way back into antiquity. In that time, the hexagon was considered the symbol of abundance, health, and symmetrical harmony. Many believed that it can protect from the enemies and help to establish the contact with gods. Many temples in Ancient Rome had hexagonal yards in front of the sacred building.

Nowadays, the hexagon is obviously no longer a part of religious practices, but after the lapse of so many centuries, the hexagon tiles are still the important element of architectural solutions. First of all, hexagon floor and wall tiles can be perceived as the contemporary alternative to classical square-shaped tiles as well as subway tiles. You can find more than a hundred of samples of hexagon tiles in our online shop: the tiles of different forms and colors, from small 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” aluminum tiles to big glossy glass tiles. Such a variety of shapes and sizes will allow you to realize even the most ambitious designer projects. Our hexagonal tiles will allow you or your designer to experiment with the appearance of walls and floors, for instance, arrange the tiles in such fashion that it would seem that the floor is overflowing smoothly on the walls. By combining different types of hexagon floor and wall tiles, you will also be able to change the visual perception of the living space and shift the focus to the particular areas of the room.

Hexagon floor and wall tiles can be used not only as a designer solution for the bathroom or kitchen but also for such premises as living rooms, hallways or garden spaces. With the help of these tiles, you can effectively perform the zoning of the living room or other premises. For instance, you can separate the kitchen from the dining room by using a combination of big hexagonal tiles. If done correctly, the borders will be aesthetically uneven providing the unobtrusive transition from one area to another. Hexagon tiles will easily fit into a classic as well as modern interior if you adhere to one simple rule: the coloring of tiles should be unostentatious and monochromatic. Check out our range of hexagon floor and wall tiles – we are sure that you will find the type of tile that will be the perfect fit for your interior design needs.