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Glass Tiles

Explore our selection of top-quality glass tiles ideal for bathroom, kitchen, pool and more. From glossy and iridescent glass to fros...

Explore our selection of top-quality glass tiles ideal for bathroom, kitchen, pool and more. From glossy and iridescent glass to frosted, matte and brushed finishes, you can be sure to find the perfect glass tile for your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

A Tile Made to Last

Glass tiles are so popular because they are durable, their color won’t fade fast, they are easy to install and require low to minimum maintenance. They are also a versatile option, because they can be used to tile entire walls or as an accent piece, adding character to anywhere you are planning to use them.

Glass Wall Tiles for Bathroom and Shower 

Glass wall tiles are ideal for bathroom and shower applications, because they are moisture-resistant and non-porous, meaning they won’t let water be absorbed by the drywall. Opt for a pale pink glass tile for your bathroom or shower wall and bring the relaxing vibe of a spa to your house. Pick a subway glass tile in soft green for your entire shower wall for a retro vibe. Why not use an ocean blue tile in a wave pattern as an accent element and transform your bathroom into an exotic retreat? With glass tile the options are endless! 

Glass Tiles for Kitchen and Backsplash

Kitchen wall or backsplash, a polished glass wall tile in soft neutral tones will make your kitchen look bigger and brighter, all while it’ll be very easy to clean and care for. Choose a stylish white glossy glass subway tile for your kitchen wall or make a bold statement with a black glass tile in a stacked brick style for your backsplash. No matter where you want to use glass tile in your kitchen, it will be an excellent option to bring your interior design ideas to life!

Glass Tiles for Pool

Elevate your shimming pool with gleaming glass tiles in green or blue hues and enjoy the dazzling light reflections on the water. Why not go for a mosaic glass tile in iridescent turquoise green crafted from small iridescent glass pieces for an elegant finish. Or opt for a beautiful caribbean blue tile for the ultimate backyard oasis.

At Oasis Tile, you can find a huge collection of premium glass tiles, available in a wide range of colors, styles, patterns and sizes. Shop online today.

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  • Cobalt Sea Blue Herringbone Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile Euro Glass
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    Cobalt Sea Blue Herringbone Glossy and Iridescent Glass Tile

    Along with the aesthetic characteristics, this blue herringbone tile possesses endurance. It possesses very low water absorption preventing the til...

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