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Crystile Cubed Series

Crystile Cubed Series

A lot of interior designers use tiles made of glossy glass for the purposes of decorating kitchens and bathrooms. This particular material is not only incredibly beautiful but also very practical because washing and repairing such tiles do not require a lot of effort. Just make sure not to use cleaning solutions that contain heavy chemicals. Also, the glossy glass tiles of the Crystile Cubed series are produced from the best-fortified glass in the world which will serve you for many years to come. Besides, these glass tiles were cut with the utmost precision, so you can rest assured that they will fit each other perfectly, and you won't have any irregularities whatsoever after the tile laying is done.

The tiles of Crystile Cubed series come in two different shapes: subway and liners. The subway tiles will be suitable for almost any part of your home that requires tiling. It is true that all designers love to work with subway tiles because, despite having a rather simplistic shape, they allow implementation of the various designer solution, from minimalist to Scandinavian or industrial. Subway tiles are considered to be the timeless classic, and they look especially gorgeous in the Crystile Cubed Series. These tiles will create an incredible presentation and add a special charm to any corner of your home. This series doesn't feature tiles of vivid colors because their primary purpose is to create a soft background for another element of décor, whether it is a painting, a vase or a figurine. The cubic tiles serve as the canvas for the designer who is thinking about creating a masterpiece within the interior of a house.

The Crystile Cubed Series also features glossy glass liners that are great for highlighting large areas of tiling on the walls or on the floor which compose a peculiar pattern or an ornament. They will fit perfectly in the pool area or in the large hall.

The subway tiles in this Series come in two different sizes and five subtle colors. The linear tiles have two color variations: the olive beige and the snow white. The price per sheet is very lucrative which means that you will be able to buy enough of these tiles to realize any of your design ideas.

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