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Cane Series

  • Fog Random Bricks Grey Glass Stone and Metal Tile Tuscan Glass
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    Fog Random Bricks Grey Glass Stone and Metal Tile

    The glossy grey mosaic tile constructed as tiny bricks delivers fireside comfort to contemporary environment, replicating the brick masonry aesth...

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The Cane Series of glass tiles offers two different styles-- the Cane Blends and the Cane Solids. This series also features numerous color options, and with such a versatile pattern style, can be used in almost any space, whether modern or traditional. There are additional benefits offered by the Cane glass tile series.

With an abundance of lovely color choices, the Cane series is sure to have something you will adore for your space. With soft greens, blues and beiges, or subtle, interlocking color patterns that feature a variety of all three neutral tones and their much bolder counterparts, the options truly abound with the Cane Series. Finding the perfect backsplash will be a breeze with the selections offered with this series.

Most of the patterns of the Cane series are crafted from glossy glass, or a combination of glossy glass and frosted glass. The only pattern in the series that features metal in addition to glass is "French Roast Random Bricks." All of the materials used are of the finest quality.

There are several different pattern styles comprising the Cane Series of glass tiles. However, they are generally sold by mesh-backed sheets that are approximately one square foot in size. Each pattern, depending upon design, will vary in amount of tiles included per sheet, but the tiles are mostly one quarter inch in thickness and excellent quality for use in both residential and commercial spaces.

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