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Bath and Shower Tiles

Bath and Shower Tiles
  • Burnt Orange 1'' x 1'' Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile
    / per sheet

    Burnt Orange 1'' x 1'' Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile

    This collection features translucent chips with three dimensional streaks and swirls. The colors and patterns are unique and vary in each chip and...

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  • Orange Burst Wave 4'' x 12'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile
    / box

    Orange Burst Wave 4'' x 12'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile

    When you want a tiled wall that makes a statement, these orange burst subway tiles are an excellent choice. Not only are these 4'' x 12'' glossy g...

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  • Salmon Orange 1'' x 1'' Glossy Glass Tile
    / per sheet

    Salmon Orange 1'' x 1'' Glossy Glass Tile

    Though appearing moderately simple, this orange 1'' x 1'' mosaic piece maintains all of the decorative characteristics of glass tile, including a ...

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  • Orange Burst 1'' x 3'' Glossy Glass Tile
    / per sheet

    Orange Burst 1'' x 3'' Glossy Glass Tile

    This 1'' x 3'' orange glass tile replicates the traditional brick wall design, creating an intriguing contrast between the traditional "stone" for...

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  • Orange Burst 4'' x 12'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile
    / box

    Orange Burst 4'' x 12'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile

    When you want your tile to make a stunning statement, look no further than these brilliant orange glass subway tiles. The glossy glass tiles, whic...

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  • Glow 1" x 4" Orange Glossy Glass Tiles
    / per sheet

    Glow 1" x 4" Orange Glossy Glass Tiles

    This 1'' x 4'' orange glass tile replicates the classic brick wall layout, forming an appealing contrast between the traditional "stone" form and ...

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  • Fall Orange 1'' x 1'' Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile
    / per sheet

    Fall Orange 1'' x 1'' Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile

    Made up from small square chips this glossy & iridescent orange square mosaic tile functions as a remarkable example of modern-day design and ...

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  • Glow 1" x 1" Orange Glossy Glass Tile
    / per sheet

    Glow 1" x 1" Orange Glossy Glass Tile

    Along with its visual qualities, this 1'' x 1'' square orange pool tile possesses toughness, which is an important component when choosing pool ar...

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Smaller spaces tucked away in the inner recesses of the home, the bathroom is the perfect place to release your inner artist and go a little design happy. With almost every surface up for grabs in terms of tiling, choosing can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. It is important to consider both the function of the bathroom as well as and the aesthetics, so that the end result is as pretty as it is practical.

Bathroom Floor Tile: your bathroom tile is definitely going to get wet, and things can get slippery fast. Choose textured materials or small tiles with lots of grout joints for traction to ensure that the floor remains slip resistant. Whether you opt to make the floor a focal point or use it as a thread to keep the room together, Glass Tile Oasis has the tile for the project.

Bathroom Wall Tile: while you might want to keep things traditional and play it safe in the rest of the house, the bathroom walls are an excellent place to shake things up a bit. Choose one statement wall or go wild with all four, and be it with an intricate glass mosaic, a decorative slab of stone, stainless steel staggered in sizes, or some ceramics played up for a pop of color- work those walls until you achieve the wow factor.

Shower Tile: the tiles on the walls of the shower are both an important element in the décor of the room, and serve as protection against moisture for the drywall underneath. Choose your shower tiles with both functions in mind, taking the actual feel of the tile into consideration as well. Always opt for small tiles when dealing with a curved space, but going jumbo in the shower can open up the room considerably and make a glass tile shower feel larger than it actually is.

Things to consider when choosing bathroom tiles:

Maintenance: bathrooms are constantly exposed to moisture and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Any tile that requires special treatment is out of the running. A general rule of thumb to bear in mind: A smaller tile equals more grout which in turn equals harder to clean.


Glass Tiles: are considered the crème de la crème when it comes to bathroom surfaces, and are available in an infinite variety of colors, shapes, textures and finishes. Gleaming glass will illuminate the bathroom in wonderful hues and is ideal for the walls, floor, bathtub surround, or just an accent.

Natural Stone: wins the award in terms of durability and textured stone in neutral tones makes for a magnificent bathroom tile. Complete the look with a tumbled pebble tile for that natural rustic feel.

Metallic Tiles: While not what you would necessarily expect to see in the shower, metallic tiles are a hip and to the minute trend that is as sophisticated as it is sleek. Infuse your bathroom with a modern statement or work it in as a complement or accent.

Ceramic Tiles: lauded for its versatility and function, the ceramic tile offers bang for its buck. Hard working but easy to clean, they available in a plethora of shapes sizes and styles, and work well on any bathroom surface.

Color: While the bathroom is the perfect place to express color confidence, there still are points to consider. Unless the room has a significant amount of natural lighting avoid going too dark, or you will find it difficult to do things like put on makeup and shave. Also avoid any tones you would not like to see reflected on your face in the morning like say a delicate shade of green.

Oasis Tile features a wide selection of premium tiles on their online store! Some of the bathroom shower tiles being sold exemplify how innovative and trendsetting patterns are what most tile shoppers look for when shopping for premium tiles. Give your bathroom a complete makeover with our selection of tasteful porcelain bathroom tiles!

We have different types of tiles, including porcelain tiles, stained glass trapezoid tiles, and aqua glossy glass tiles. All these tiles are made of stunning and durable materials. Bathroom tiles sold at Oasis Tile come in various colors, sizes, and designs, and there are different materials used to make these tiles. Choose the tiles you know will make your room look fabulous. Tile shoppers are allowed to get creative when they’re presented with expansive tile collections.

Oasis Tile has been a leading name in the interior design industry for years, specifically because we’re known for selling only premium tiles. We have everything you need, from porcelain bathroom tile and bathroom shower tile to glossy glass tile and stained-stone trapezoid tile. We are a reputed tile supplier for many reasons, but we owe all of our success to our loyal customers. We love providing tile shoppers with high-quality products.

Our top-notch craftsmanship, latest styles, and focus on development stay unmatched in the tile industry. We’re a premier seller of white tiles, bathroom tiles, pool tiles, kitchen tiles, and multicolored tiles. When you purchase tiles that are made of mesmerizing materials, you’re sure to fall in love with them. You can also choose anti-slip or waterproof tiles. Oasis Tile should always be your one-stop shop for all things tile related. If you’ve dreamed of turning a bathroom or kitchen into a luxurious paradise, get in touch with us now!

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