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Are you about to buy glass arabesque tile for your kitchen or bathroom? There is something truly special about an arabesque kitchen backsplash, and new, colorful tiles can give a room a little personality. An arabesque tile backsplash will be a perfect solution for those who want to add a certain exotic vibe to their interior design. These arabesque tiles compose an integral part of the Moorish style which is reminiscent of the Eastern tale with its charming elegance and refined aristocracy. It originated in medieval Europe, namely Spain, which at that time was involved in the complicated political and cultural relationships with the Arab world. However, the Moorish style is not entirely Arabic in its nature, as it has incorporated many elements of European and Indian cultures. This style has lived through many historical periods and cultural transformations but it still remains one of the most popular solutions in the interior design, especially in countries with warm climate that evokes the desire for something unusual and eye-catching.

But perhaps you’re having a hard time choosing which tiles to buy? Well Oasis Tile has got you covered. We’ll help you choose top-notch materials online without any hassle. 

We have everything you’ll need: white tiles, glass arabesque tile, multicolored tiles, backsplash mosaic tiles, glossy tiles, and matte glass tiles. The best thing about an arabesque kitchen backsplash is that it makes a room even more stylish.

It’s true that dark and moody hues can add a mysterious feel to a living room while bright and spicy hues can make your kitchen pop. Icy-blue tones can create a relaxing feeling in the bathroom.

The tiles sold online through Oasis Tile’s store are used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Our tiles are also:

  • Durable
  • Vibrantly colorful
  • Flawlessly finished
  • Easily installable
  • Requiring low maintenance
  • Crack- and break-resistant

Key Specifications:

Size Availability: According to your needs

Color: Choose from our expansive color selection

Customize color, size, style, and material options with filters on our website. You can choose from more than 60 types of magnificent arabesque tiles provided by the world-famous brands. And if you really want to make your interior design stand out, we can offer you a few uniquely designed arabesque tiles.

So, regardless if you want to turn your house into a sultan palace from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights or just add a touch of extra beauty to one of your rooms, our arabesque tiles will handle this task in a perfect manner.

Explore our collections and buy the best arabesque tiles online for affordable prices.

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