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What Type of Pool Tile is Right for You?

What Type of Pool Tile is Right for You?

Are you installing a swimming pool soon? Are you trying to design the perfect backyard oasis but don’t know where to start? We break down the different pool tiles to make your decision easier.

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Pool tiles are the foundation of the pool. They create beautiful designs to make you feel like you’re at a spa, sitting next to the ocean, or help you express your artistic creativity. If you have never picked out tile before, it might feel overwhelming. Our guide will make your selection a little easier so you can enjoy your pool sooner.

Types of Pool Tile

The first thing you need to know is the different types of pool tiles. The most popular are ceramic, stone, and glass pool tiles. Each has its pros and cons, so think about your budget and what you want from your pool tiles. For example, do you want them to reflect more light or give off a natural feel? Knowing what you want out of your tiles will help make your choice easier.

Ceramic Pool Tile

Over the years, ceramic pool tile has been the go-to option for pool tile. Ceramic pool tile comes in every color, texture, and design you can imagine, which is one reason it is so popular. Another reason homeowners love it is because it is affordable.

If you are trying to stay within a budget, consider ceramic pool tiles. They are wallet-friendly and create any look you want. However, they do not reflect light as much as glass tiles.

Porcelain Pool Tile

Porcelain is strong and another great option when it comes to pool tiles. While they are a good option, you should only use smaller size porcelain tiles. The larger tiles are not good for pools. When picking out your tile, make sure to check if the tile is rated for full submersion in a pool.

Porcelain tiles come in any look you want. If you want to create a natural, stone look but don’t want to splurge on stone tile, porcelain can mimic that look for you. If you want a wood look surrounding your pool, porcelain can do that as well. There are many options when it comes to porcelain pool tile, so let your imagination run wild.

Stone Pool Tile

When you want a natural look choose stone tile. Stone will give you a Mediterranean or Classical feel. If you have a patio or deck to complement your pool, try stone tile to create a cohesive look.

Some examples of stone tile include travertine, sandstone, semi-polished granite, flagstone, slate, and bluestone. Stone tile is expensive, so that is something to keep in mind as well.

Glass Pool Tile

Glass pool tiles are the most expensive option, but they are also the most durable option. Glass tiles are made from recycled glass and come in small, mosaic tile sizes. Homeowners love glass tiles because they reflect the sunlight, which makes beautiful reflections under the water.

Glass tiles are also perfect for a more artistic look. They shine, have better optical quality, and come in a variety of mosaic designs. These tiles are perfect for step-markers and waterline borders.

Waterline Tiles

Now that you understand the different types of pool tiles, let’s talk about where they go. There are two places tiles go in your pool, either the waterline or underwater. Waterline tiles run along the waterline of your pool and serve as the finishing touch. They are a good design element and make your pool complete. Typically, three inches of the waterline is underwater and three inches are above water.

Inlaid Tiles

Inlaid tiles are underwater and recessed in the pool mold. This is so the tiles are equal to the pool’s surface. You will find these tiles on seats, steps, floors, and walls of pools. Waterline and inlaid tiles don’t have to be the same color. For example, you can accent the inlaid tiles with a complementing waterline room with view of the pool

Choosing the Right Size Tiles

Size matters when it comes to choosing pool tiles. Large glass tiles may crack over time due to temperature changes. The larger the glass tiles are the more chance they will crack because they are less stable. Therefore, it is best to go with smaller, mosaic tiles in your pool.

Tips for Designing Your Swimming Pool

The right color will have a positive effect on your swimming pool. However, if you choose the wrong color your pool will look flat and uninviting. If you want the pool to be the focal point of your backyard, choose bright-colored tile to help the pool stand out. The bright colors will also reflect the sunlight more, which makes the pool more inviting.

When you want a more minimalist, subdued look then choose white. Luxury pools typically use white mosaic tiles because they make the pool appear larger. The white tiles also make the water look sky blue, which is alluring to anyone who walks by.

Blue is another popular choice because it reminds homeowners of sitting next to the ocean or visiting a tropical island. Your tiles can turn the water an ocean color if you put dark blue tiles in your pool. There are different shades of blue as well, so you can create a tropical paradise that is unique to you.

Choose the Right Tile

Whether you want a natural, stone look or a bright, light-reflecting look, Oasis Tile has everything you need. Think about the look you want, how inviting you want the pool to feel, and the overall decor of your backyard. This will help you narrow down your choices so you find the perfect tile for your project.

Smaller tiles are more resistant to cracking, which is something to keep in mind when picking out tiles. Waterline tiles can accent the inlaid tiles, so they don’t have to be the same color. Find what speaks to you and let out your inner artist. Shop Oasis Tile and see all the swimming pool tiles available for your pool!

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