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3 of the Best Swimming Pool Tile Colors

3 of the Best Swimming Pool Tile Colors

Imagine this: You’re relaxing in the summertime sunshine by the side of a luxurious, modern pool, one of those extravagant models they feature on HGTV and elsewhere. Now, imagine that this fine summertime fixture exists within your very own backyard! Despite what a lot of homeowners have come to believe, it does not take a lot to construct a high-end swimming pool, especially if high-quality swimming pool tiles, long-lasting sealants, and a wide variety of attractive, yet affordable, accessories are used.

In the following sections, we’re going to discuss pool tile colors in depth so that all homeowners who’re interested in remodeling an existing pool or installing a brand new one can know which tile colors are popular.

  1. Cool Blues and Greens Are Perfect for Creating a Tranquil Environment

When selecting pool tiles, you should keep positive adjectives in mind; after all,pool inside a greenhouse you’re going to be creating a watery sanctuary. Words like relaxing, inviting, uplifting, and fun are some of the words that pool-installers use to guide their choices. Cool blues and greens have been associated with tranquility for years, and psychologists have found that humans who’re exposed to these colors routinely tend to have positive outlooks.

  1. Classy Black-And-White Pools Are All the Rage

The sleekness that’s commonly associated with black-and-white tile arrangements is one aspect which explains why these tiles are used throughout homes and in swimming pools. There’s just something bold, classy, and refined about black-and-white pool tile, and this likely explains why more and more homeowners, especially those who prefer modern designs over traditional ones, are installing black-and-white swimming pool tiles. These are also preferred for high-end indoor pools.

  1. Embrace Earthy Browns and Dark Greens to Create a Nature-Inspired Pool Area

A lot of homeowners enjoy consistency and balance in their backyard arrangements, and this in part explains why individuals purchase pool tiles that match the colors of nearby plants and fixtures. If you’re trying to create a watery oasis—maybe there’s a rock waterfall and other attractive features—then it’s best to use pool tile that’s consistent with the surrounding environment. Of course this does not mean that one tile type must be used throughout. You can use premium Mother of Pearl tile, for example, on the pool’s surface while accommodating shades of green and brown are used for the walls.

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