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What Are Glass Subway Tiles You Ask?

You may have pondered upgrading your bathroom with glass tile but you don’t want the customary tiny squares. You want something unique and classy. Maybe you’ve heard of glass subway tiles and wanted to know more about the possibility of including them in your remodeling project, but aren’t exactly sure what glass subway tiles are are and what they look like.

Subway tiles got their name from the shape, style, and size of the tile lining the New York subway walls. They often bring back memories for anyone who rode the subway or even just know about it. Subway tiles bring a nostalgic look and feel to the room where they are applied. As with most glass tiles, subway tiles can be used for a glass tile backsplash or for many other applications such as on a shower wall or bathroom floor.

Backsplash glass tiles work equally well in the kitchen or bathroom for a beautiful way to protect the wall area behind the sink from splashes from food and water. For a glass tile backsplash, you can design a mosaic tile arrangement that really makes a statement and ties the rest of the room colors together. Or you might want a solid color for your backsplash tiles so that you can put the emphasis on another part of the room. You will be delighted to discover the wide range of color and texture choices that backsplash glass tiles come in. You can go for a simple smooth texture in soft shades for the bathroom or you can choose lively colors with the look of metal if you’d like for the kitchen. Some subway tiles have a dressed up iridescent look. Others have a glossy or matte finish.

The best thing to do when planning to install a glass tile backsplash is to first order a few samples of tiles you are considering. You can hold the sample glass tiles up to the area of your backsplash and visualize the way it will look in your lighting and how it will coordinate with the style of your living area. Once installed, you will be amazed at the transformation to your bathroom or kitchen when you see the sleek and shimmering beauty of glass subway tile. When the room lighting hits the tile, you will notice a clean fresh look to the room that makes you feel good about the choice you made to enhance your kitchen or bathroom appeal with glass subway tiles.

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