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Tips for Tile Maintenance Every Pool Owner Should Know

Tips for Tile Maintenance Every Pool Owner Should Know

Swimming pools have been around for centuries, and most of today’s swimming pools don’t vary much from those which were created thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all would routinely include swimming pools in their buildings, especially in those which belonged to royalty and other people of high prominence. Back then, access to a swimming pool was a luxury, which meant those that had been constructed were some of the finest ever built. 

Modern pools that use high-quality pool tiles are different from swimming pools of old in many ways, but one truth has remained timeless throughout the centuries: routine maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity of a swimming pool. If you’re interested in learning some worthwhile pool maintenance tips, read on!

Use a Tile-Cleaning Solution and Scraper

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Cleaners that are specially designed for ceramic pool tile are not hard to find. If you don’t want to visit a brick and mortar store for these products, you can surely find them online. If you’d prefer to stick with a homemade solution, you can mix muriatic acid with water and fill a spray bottle with the solution, but this is not recommended for inexperienced individuals as handling this solution can be dangerous.

And while you’re shopping for cleaners, don’t forget to pick up an effective scraper. These tools remove calcium that’s often found at the water line with ease, and they’re also great at breaking down thick calcium deposits that may build up on your swimming pool tiles.

Clean Tiles at Least Twice a Year

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You should clean your pool tiles at least twice a year: once when you open the pool and again before you officially close the pool for the winter. Semiannual maintenance of ceramic pool tiles helps ensure that they never get damaged, and it also allows for opportunities to assess the overall quality of the swimming pool. When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, you want to get things squared away before the seasons when your pool is frequently being used begin.

Use Household Products When You Can

Harsh chemicals may be necessary if you’re trying to combat an algae infestation, but heavy-duty cleaning products should not be used for routine pool maintenance. Not only can these cleaners damage swimming pool tiles over time, they’ve also been known to cause skin rashes and other irritations in humans. Use household cleaning solutions when you can—most of these work just as well as top-of-the-line cleaners.

Where to Go for the Best Premium Pool Tiles

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