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Shopping for Pool Tiles? Don’t Compromise on These Qualities

Shopping for Pool Tiles? Don’t Compromise on These Qualities

On a hot summer day, there are few things better than jumping into a cool, relaxing swimming pool. American homeowners have been installing pools in their backyards for decades, and statistics show that pools are still popular among today's homeowners. One of the great things about pools is that they can be customized. Whereas pools decades ago were basically just holes in the ground, today’s pools are luxurious oases.

There are many qualities that make today’s pools luxurious, but the materials used to make a pool are arguably the most important. Swimming pool tiles are popular today because they're versatile, durable, long-lasting, eye-catching, non-slip, and affordable when compared to other options.

If you want to know more about pool tile and the qualities homeowners are seeking, read on! It's best to understand these aspects before you install the tiles and open your pool this summer.


stars on a chalkboardDurability is one quality that most homeowners installing tiles do not compromise on. Because it often costs a lot of money to have high-quality pool tile installed, it’s essential to ensure the tiles you're installing are long-lasting tiles. Any repairs, small or large, are likely to be costly. Moreover, chipped tiles and shattered tiles can be harmful to humans, pets, and other members of the home that use the pool frequently. If you buy swimming pool tiles online at a reputable store, the dealer should be able to tell you how durable the tiles are.


Most homeowners purchase pool tile because they’re eye-catching, especially when compared to other materials pools are commonly made of. Of course swimming pools provide a lot more value than just visual appeal, but it's true that many homeowners care a lot about how their pools look (even if they don't use them frequently). And now that it's so easy to get first-rate ceramic pool tile online, there’s really no reason why you shouldn't have an attractive pool at home.


wet floor sign near a poolSwimming pools can be visually appealing, but they first and foremost have to be safe. If you have elderly parents or young children living at home, it’s especially important to ensure your pool is safe. This is why homeowners buy non-slip pool tile. These tiles provide safety without compromising on visual appeal.

It's easy for water to splash and go everywhere, especially if there are many people in the pool. But with non-slip tiles, you don't have to worry about any day-ruining injuries.

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