swimming pool tiles

In 2017 alone, Americans purchased somewhere around 3.05 billion square feet of ceramic tile. Covering much of that square footage are swimming pool tiles. As swimming pools and outdoor oasis designs have evolved, so have the glass pool tiles that occupy the inside of pools and the surrounding areas.

We're willing to bet you didn't know there was anything special about swimming pool tiles, but they are easily the most resilient tiles available. What began as a minimal feature in swimming pools has turned into an increasingly widespread and essential part of swimming pool design. Let's dive in.


In the beginning, waterline swimming pool tiles were the only pool tiles that were used. The purpose was originally to give a pool a sense of pop and color around the waterline. Another purpose they served was to act as a shield against the scum that often collects around pool waterlines at the edges. Popular tile designs would change, but, to start, they predominantly centralized around the pool waterline and expanded from there.


Most people won't know the difference between swimming pool tiles and, say, the subway tile backsplash in their kitchen, but they are fundamentally different. Pool tiles are meant to withstand chemically treated water the majority of the time, as well as temperature fluctuations that go below freezing when pools are drained for the winter. Swimming pool tiles are specially made to weather these conditions, making them some of the most durable tiles available.


The creativity we put into designing or outdoor relaxation spaces will require different tiling needs. Are you lining your whole pool with water tile? Just a decorative portion? Does your pool have a water feature you want to stand out with accent tiles? Will your tiling expand from your pool to the patio space? How you wish to design and purpose your backyard oasis will ask for creativity and practicality, both of which swimming pool tiles have wonderful answers to.

Whatever you're thinking when it comes to pool design, swimming pool tiles have a unique purpose. Let those purposes help you realize the long-lasting design and beauty of your backyard utopia. Then you'll be relaxing in it for years to come.