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Don't Be a Dummy: Top 10 Mistakes When Installing a Tile Backsplash

Want to install a kitchen tile backsplash in your home, but not sure what mistakes you can make? We're here to help. This is not a project that you should take lightly. Remember, this is a piece of artwork that you are installing in your home. To help you get the most success possible, let's go ahead and break down the 10 common blunders people face when installing a tile backsplash

Mistake #1: Not Checking the Height of your Cabinets 

One of the most common mistakes a lot of people make is simply not checking the height of your cabinets before installing subway backsplash tile. You don't want to start this project and then find out that you have way too much space between your cabinet and wall, or vice versa. Remember, it's always better safe than sorry!

If you don't do some basic measurements, you could easily make the dummy mistake of purchasing too much tile and finding out that it doesn't line up with your cabinets.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Loosely Fit the Tile 

This is a very common mistake for beginners, so don't worry if you have done this in the past! It's easy to forget about loose-fitting tile when installing a mosaic tile backsplash because there are so many other factors to keep in mind.

When you are purchasing tile, make sure that there is a little bit of wiggle room so if the material expands or contracts it doesn't crack your tile. There will be enough stress as-is with grout and this step can eliminate some headaches down the road!

Mistake #3: Using Grout that Doesn't Match the Tile 

If you don't use a grout color that is similar to your tile color, it could make a world of difference in the way your backsplash looks. If you aren't careful about this step, then it's very likely that people will notice and ask what happened.

The good news is that there are plenty of grouts that match any type of kitchen backsplash tile, so it's important not to give up when shopping for the perfect color. If necessary, buy online with Oasis Tile. 

Mistake #4: Not Using a Spacers when Installing Tile Backsplash

Spacers help with alignment and consistency when installing your tiles. It is recommended to use them if they come included, but if not, you can always purchase them separately.

If your tiles are all different sizes and shapes without any spacers, it could make the installation process a lot more difficult. If anything, using spacers is going to make things go much faster because there won't be as many bumps in your road when installing tile backsplash! 

Mistake #5: Trying to Cut it Yourself

Don't go into this project thinking that you can just cut the tiles without any experience. You should always take care when buying kitchen backsplash tile because if you are using any type of tile material, make sure to read the instructions!

A kitchen backsplash is an extremely detailed installation to do by yourself, so much so that almost every kitchen tile company recommends hiring a professional for this type of job. If you are determined to try it yourself, it will take a lot of patience and time. 

Mistake #6: Not Using Enough Grout 

This is another detail that people often forget about when installing mosaic kitchen backsplash tile. The grout lines need to be around a quarter-inch thick to ensure that the kitchen tile backsplash looks clean and professional.

If you don't use enough grout, it can be especially noticeable if your kitchen tiles aren't perfectly level or even throughout the entire space. This is a job for an expert, so take it seriously! 

Mistake #7: Skipping Priming

If you aren't going to prime the walls before installing your kitchen backsplash tile, there's a possibility that the tiles won't stick on as tightly. To make your new subway backsplash tile stand out for long period of time, put a layer of primer on the surface first. This will help ensure that the kitchen tile backsplash stays in place for years to come!

Mistake #8: Placing your Kitchen Tile Backsplash Behind a Stove

The heat that radiates from your kitchen appliances is enough to damage the grout and tiles of kitchen backsplashes, so it's best not use them behind any kind of stovetop!

If you already installed your kitchen backsplash behind a kitchen stove and you notice damages, there is a solution. You can add on a layer of protection for things like grease and constant heat decay, or move your stove. 

Mistake #9: Not Listening to Someone with Experience 

If you are ever in doubt about what needs to be done when installing kitchen backsplash tile, ask a professional. Professionals have seen kitchen tiles from all angles and can tell you what needs to be done before starting the process of kitchen backsplashes.

If this is your first time installing kitchen tiles or if it's been years since you last did so, then do yourself a favor and get an expert opinion. For best results, hire somebody that knows how to install a backsplash. 

Mistake #10: Not Double-Checking Measurements 

Before you commit to kitchen backsplash tile, make sure that everything is measured correctly. The best way to avoid disaster when installing kitchen tiles is by double-checking your measurements before putting up the kitchen walls and grout lines!

If you have a small kitchen or if it's an awkward shape, then a mosaic tile backsplash will be much harder to install. You can still give kitchen backsplash tile a shot because it's pretty easy to install, but only if the measurements are correct!

Mistake #11: Thinking that It is an Easy DIY Project 

Even though kitchen backsplashes aren't too difficult to install yourself, they do take time and patience. If you aren't careful and don't work on kitchen backsplash tile with care, then your new kitchen tiles might not turn out how you intended!

Looking to Get a New Kitchen Backsplash Tile? 

Kitchen Backsplash Tile

A kitchen backsplash is always a good idea to have because it will add some color and spice to the look of any kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen tile installation goes smoothly by avoiding these top mistakes. If you want to start browsing through different options, check out our inventory here at Oasis Tile!

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