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Design Ideas for a Contemporary & Modern Kitchen

Design Ideas for a Contemporary & Modern Kitchen

Are you redesigning your kitchen and want a contemporary, modern look? The modern look balances both fashion and function, so you will get everything you need with this sleek design. Not only will your guests love the new look, but you will also be happy entertaining because your kitchen accessories are now within reach.

But how do you know where to start? We put together a few ideas and a short guide for you so you can get started.

Where to Start

Start with your budget. Set a clear budget so you know the absolute maximum you can spend on your new kitchen. Check out ideas online for contemporary and modern kitchens so you get an idea of where you need to set your budget.

Think about where you want to splurge and where you want to save. Can you live without a double oven? Is an island a must-have for your new kitchen? Make a list of what you want, your non-negotiables, and make your budget from there.

If you can, visit a few kitchen showrooms to talk to the designers about the installation process. Some showrooms have designers you can talk to so you can understand what you are going to get for your budget price range. Having a solid idea of what the kitchen will cost in the beginning will help you have realistic expectations throughout the renovation and installation.

The Layout

Do you hate the layout in your current kitchen? List the reasons why you hate your current layout so you remember for the future. The things you hate about your current layout should not make it into your new kitchen layout. This is important because you are investing in your kitchen so you want it designed in a practical way, but also in a way that fits your living style.

Modern kitchen

If you have a designer come in, help them understand how often you cook, where you store your cooking utensils, and how often you use the kitchen. If you have a smaller space, the designer will carefully plan the space to maximize its potential and make it easier for you to use. For example, a bad design is bumping into your significant other who is loading the dishes while you are checking the cookies in the oven. It just doesn’t work and you will be frustrated within hours of using your new kitchen.

A good designer will show you layouts that work specifically for your size and space. The two most popular with designers are U-shaped and L-shaped layouts. Both of these layouts work well with square rooms, which can be either big or small.

Storage Solutions

Where are you going to store your small appliances? Islands are a popular choice because they create a nice working space on the top with organization solutions on the bottom. Besides small appliances, the island can hide away your trash can in a pull-out cabinet. If you add a sink on your island, everything is within reach of each other so the area is optimized.

If you use your kitchen a lot for entertaining, you want more of an open feel. Have an area of workspace, but with an open concept, you can still talk to your friends and family on the other side of the kitchen. For example, the refrigerator and oven are on one side of the kitchen and the bar with stools is on the opposite side of the island.

Think About Colors

Do you want something on-trend now? If you plan on your kitchen staying the same design for many years, you want something more neutral. Choose colors you love instead of colors that are on-trend. In a year or two, if you choose on-trend colors, you will want to redo your kitchen because you don’t like the colors anymore.

Neutrals and natural finishes are a good choice. They are timeless and look good in any space. For example, a white subway tile backsplash is the type of tile that goes with any look, is modern, and will never go out of style. Even if you decide to change the paint or cupboards around the subway tile backsplash, the colors will still complement each other.

Quartz is a good countertop option because it is antibacterial and easy to clean. Quartz comes in many colors, designs, and styles, so you will easily find something to match your design.

Image alt tag: Modern kitchen with patterned tile


Zone lighting is necessary for your kitchen. Good lighting is important in any space, but if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen then lighting is key so you can cook with more accuracy. Choose brighter lighting over your stove and work areas. Put them on a dimmer switch so you can turn the lights down if you want a romantic dinner after you are done cooking.

Upper Cabinets or Open Shelves?

Some people love cabinets and some people love open shelving. It is hard to choose between the two. Open shelving does give off a more contemporary style, but you can find cabinets in a modern design. Choosing between the two will have to be your personal preference because it is such a hard decision, we can’t make it for you.

If you have a hard time choosing between the two, check out inspiration ideas online. Another thing to think about is what will go better with your kitchen backsplash? If you opt for a mosaic tile backsplash, then cabinets are a good idea. If you opt for a white subway tile backsplash, then open shelving with brightly colored dishes will complement the backsplash well.

Design Your Modern Kitchen

A contemporary, modern kitchen is both practical and stylish. Look for inspiration and work with a designer so your dreams can come to life. When it comes time to choose your tile, check out our many options for your kitchen backsplash.

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