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Ceramic Tile vs. Hardwood

Ceramic Tile vs. Hardwood

A home’s flooring is very important for a variety of reasons. The flooring has to be reliable, attractive, long-lasting, and well-maintained to be considered a first-rate flooring option. Two popular flooring options that are being used in most homes are tiling and hardwood. Both materials are preferred for numerous reasons, but it's true that neither is a completely perfect flooring option. It's not really a question of which material is better as much as it's a matter of preference. If, for example, you like Mother of Pearl tile in bathrooms instead of hardwood, then it’s likely you don't care about tile drawbacks and you're only concerned with tile’s numerous benefits.

If you want to know more about ceramic tile and hardwood, and the pros and cons associated with each, read on!

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles OnlineCeramic tile is preferred by modern homeowners because it can be applied in various rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic pool tile can also be used outside with swimming pools and other popular backyard fixtures. Some home decor experts say that tile is the only material that can be used in every room a home has.

Tiles are also durable, and this is why they’re used in showers, mud rooms, and other rooms that are frequently used. Tiles, like shower tiles for example, can also be non-slip, and this is very important for homeowners who have young children, pets, and elderly adults walking around.

It's true, however, that tile can be cold and hard on mornings when temperatures are low, and it's also true that DIY tile installation is not easy.

But overall, tiles are preferred by the vast plurality of homeowners because they’re elegant, long-lasting, eye-catching, safe, and affordable if purchased from a reliable online distributor.

Hardwood Flooring

HardwoodHomeowners that install hardwood flooring do so because it's attractive, sleek, and accommodating of many home decors. Cleaning hardwood is also very easy. And if the flooring is of high quality and installed properly, it can last longer than most flooring materials.           

Of course hardwood flooring isn't as widely applicable as tile: for example, you can’t have hardwood in a swimming pool like you can have premium Mother of Pearl tile. But hardwood is better than carpet in that dirt doesn't get to hide easily on a hardwood floor; on carpets it’s a different story.

Hardwood, however, scratches easily, and walking on it makes a lot of noise—this is why it’s not widely used in homes that have a lot of occupants. Plus it can be cold on days and nights when temperatures outside are low.

Who to Purchase First-Rate Flooring From

If you’re interested in purchasing premium tile for a home remodeling project, visit Oasis Tile now! Our tile experts have been in business for years, and they’re the people you’ll want to talk to if performing a first-rate tile installation is your main priority. Our wide selection is preferred by both DIYers and professional contractors.

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