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5 Creative White Subway Tile Usage Examples

5 Creative White Subway Tile Usage Examples

It seems like those days are gone when white subway tile topped the market. Nowadays, we can see many colorful options and fancy patterns in fashion magazines, design projects and real-life houses. Hexagons, diamonds and circles of various colors deprived subway tiles of the leadership, but this doesn’t mean the traditional style is not in vogue anymore. In fact, white subway tile is a kind of perennial classics, which just needs to be reinterpreted in accordance with the latest trends. And you should to, since white tiles feature multiple advantages you can make use of:

  • Both glossy and matte white subway tile adds light and space to premises, so it is especially advantageous for small rooms which lack natural light.
  • White tiles perfectly match all colors, while the classic rectangular shape can be combined with many patterns.
  • This tile gives a clean and fresh, yet elegant look to any space, while abundance of its cold and warm shades allows avoiding an unpleasant sterile feel.
  • Today, the classic shape comes in many options – from time-honored ceramic and natural stone to fancy white glass subway tile.
  • White surfaces make tiling mistakes and imperfections less visible.

So, both manufacturers and designers are far from rejecting white subway tile and here are a few examples of how they offer to use it.


Look at this lovely white subway tile backsplash! You can’t call it dull – it is fun and vibrant, it adds liveliness to the interior and creates a distinctive focal point even when framed with this all-white furniture. And the best thing about it is that you are free to choose your favorite layout from multiple eye-catching options – herringbone, chevron, crosshatch and so on. There are about 10 ways you can lay your subway tile and we doubt whether any other tile shape can boast such layout diversity. Some of them are more traditional, while others are bold enough to change the space and mood of your room. Here you can read some useful recommendations on choosing the right subway tile layout depending on room features.


This is definitely a great idea for modern premises, especially high-tech styled kitchens. The white subway tile kitchen above combines metal inserts with stainless steel fixtures and appliances to deliver this awesome sleek design with a futuristic touch. Don’t you like it? You will love it upon learning that metal texture is among the hottest trends for 2018. And it works perfectly with the clean color and simple design of white subway tile whether it is matte or glossy. Have some doubts about the availability of matching inserts? Look through a broader lens and find your own unique way to mix metal and the classic tile – just like it is shown below.


Don’t you feel like something is missing in the previous pictures? Maybe, some dimension? If you think that white subway tile with white grout is too flat and inexpressive, then what would you say about this beveled option? It is elegant and even chic, especially when laid in a classic-styled kitchen or bathroom, and it definitely adds some sculptural touch with its three-D effect. Even simple designed premises acquire more texture-rich look due to beveled subway tile. So grab the idea and embody it in your house, preferably choosing matt tiles of warm hues (glossy finishes and cold shades tend to blur the dimensional effect).


Yes, you know everything about black and white scheme, but you don’t want any black tiles in your project. And what about grout? We are used to white grout coming with white tile by default, but who can bar us from changing the tradition? Enjoy this white subway tile bathroom – it looks really different and much more intriguing just because the grout is dark. This soft contrast adds some spice to the project, being less exacting and difficult-to-balance compared to a full-scale black and white scheme. It allows more colors and textures to blend in, while you can get different effects just varying the width of the seams. And you know, dirt is less visible when your grout is dark, so this idea can save you much time and effort as well.


You can believe that white color scheme is too simple to consider for your project. But this exquisite interior design demolishes the view. Look how gorgeous your bathroom can be, if you bother to mix white subway tile, marble texture and basketweave flooring. The idea goes for bathrooms and kitchens and other premises, which are spacious enough to serve as a stage for showing a dramatic blend of different sizes and patterns. Depending on your preferred interior style, you can create various combinations united by white hues. Use white subway tile as a kind of background to set off costlier and fancier tiles (by the way, this will help you save a few bucks on your project).


Sure, this is an obvious way to make subway tile play out in fresh colors – just add these colors! But which colors to add? Although white color works perfectly for all shades, some of the combinations are more fashionable and spectacular than others. Let’s delve into the hottest tile colors to find yours.

If you prefer pastels, think of 3x6 white subway tile combined with this delicate seafoam green, which has gained popularity lately. This is an unhackneyed mix, creating fresh and airy space, while making it rather graphic.

Both glass tile and mosaic are in vogue, but when styled in gold, the tile can seem too pretentious. Unless it is balanced by our much-loved clean and simple subway tile! Look how these iridescent and matte finishes, as well as various tile shapes are mixed together – you can take a different color and get the same amazing effect.

Have we already mentioned that dark colors grew into fashion? Soothing shades of green, blue and grey make spaces look rich and unique, but they can be too dark, especially for smaller premises. However, here we can enjoy dark blue and white subway tile shower, which is both airy and elegant.

We hope that you will get some inspiration for your next interior project thanks to our creative ideas, but you can learn more about subway tile versatility in order to choose the best option for your home style.

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